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    Hey Peeps,

    So for the new year I have decided to get my handgun and rifle competencies here in the WC with the aim of getting into some fun sport shooting. I plan on joining up with the milnerton gun club as it's closer to me than the durbanville club. Still deciding whether it's worth signing up for membership without a firearm.

    Went clay pigeon shooting with the wife last weekend for the 1st time, managed to hit 4/10 Clay's which I'm proud of and it just further cemented the idea of being exposed to the sport of shooting.

    I don't have a firearm yet or safes etc but I'm keen to hang around some folks and talk guns. Just hear some words of wisdom etc and hopefully pick up some friends along the way. Is there anyone this side of the world(Cape Town) that is aware of any upcoming fun days/open days I could attend? Or just social shoots?

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