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    Default Wannabe a gunsmith? Maybe not

    Interesting watch for anyone thinking of becoming a gunsmith.

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    Default Re: Wannabe a gunsmith? Maybe not

    This is only relevant in countries abroad like the USA, in South Africa a whole set of other rules counts...for a young person who wants to become a gunsmith as a career I would suggest the following route:
    1) Acquire a diploma/certificate in the following trades:
    Mechanical maintenance procedures
    2) Specialise welding in the following :
    Arch welding
    MIG welding
    TIG welding
    3) Industrial machinery operation proficiency in the following machines:
    Surface Grinder
    Milling Machine
    As many other industrial machinery you are able to acquire knowledge about operating them, especially if you are able to work /operate a mechanical CNC machine will be greatly to your advantage..
    When you have the paperwork, apply for a Competency to Practice as a Gunsmith, as well as a Competency to Trade in Fire-arms and ammunition.
    You have to have evidence of acquired trades mentioned above before the SAPS will grant you a Competency to Practice as a Gunsmith...for the Competency to Trade in Fire Arms and Ammunition you only need to work part time or full time at a gun shop and get the owner of the business to write you a letter to endorse your application. No person without a Competency to trade in Fire-arms and Ammunition are allowed behind the counter of a Gun Shop or Gunsmith shop in SA...

    Something to share with members:
    A question put to an old experienced big game hunter/PH by a "want to be PH/Dangerous Game hunter young man...what he needs to do to become a PH /Big game hunter as a career...the following answer makes you think....
    Learn how to mechanical fix and repair a 4x4 vehicle`s engine, especially with a shortage of spares and equipment far from civilisation...learn to accept you will have no working hours, no holidays, no family time, you have to endure the bad side of a frustrated visiting hunter , you will always be the one who goes to bed the last and the first to get out of bed before anyone else...that is but only a small part of what is installed for you if you choose to make it your career"
    This is quite all true I believe according to a few PH `s I spoke to ...

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