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    Default Shooting the Victrix Scorpio.

    On a recent trip to the USA I got to shoot various rifles and handguns, one of the most impressive was a Victrix Scorpio rifle in .300 Norma Magnum. The rifle was equipped with a Tangent Theta 5-25x56 scope and we were shooting Berger factory loads with a 215gr bullet. The scope, a brand I've never heard of, was clear and adjustments were positive and accurate and the ammo was consistently accurate.

    I first shot at gongs at 600 yards and it turned out to be not much of a challenge. We then moved to a 1100 yard range. As the rifle belonged to a third party, the gentleman coaching me asked me to hit the center of the "C" on the yellow plate, to check the dope. The wind was gusting between 4 and 8 miles an hour and I was told not to waste time when the command to fire came. After the sighter, I was given corrected dope and told to hit the center of the small square gong at the command "send it". The result is shown in the photo below. I will be the first to admit that there was a generous amount of luck involved here. Also, the real art in long range shooting lies with the person calling wind. The chap who coached me is a magician.

    The shots on the round gong on the left was fired at the same distance, using a GA Precision rifle in .338 Lapua magnum. I found the .300 NM more comfortable to shoot than the .338 LM (this had a lot to do with the rifle itself) and the scope on the .338 had a reticle that was really difficult to use for horizontal corrections.

    The rifle.

    And ammunition.

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    Default Re: Shooting the Victrix Scorpio.

    Hitting gongs at long range becomes an addition worse than drugs Awesome rifles, but so very expensive! Thanks for sharing TStone.

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