That is why I asked about 3gun below. So step one was to ask if we want MPDS in its full form. Or dmg and IDPA, then it was to ask what do you want DMG to actually be.
Maybe people want to shoot international 3gun rules too.
Dmg was locally "enhanced" but was still underpinned by IDPA, who did forget about it till recent events. So now the question what do we want to shoot.
IDPA pulled the plug on dmg now sadpa needs do something for long guns. They(sadpa exco) went the route of creating mpd. Question is that what We want. I personally prefer the full 3gun format and am busy since last week to edit the dmg rule book, which IDPA said we can have. This is in itself wrong, as it is what I want but not necessarily what everyone once.

The 2019 agm, the direction of dmg was meant to go to similar direction as ipsc. Rifle/shotgun only matches, this is also what we were promised after the dmg nationals 2019. To date I keep on seeing mpd HG stuff, HG matches and the justification of which is mpd needs a HG to work well then it was built wrong in the first place. It never required a HG classifier or a separate set of HG rules.