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    Default day hunt for new hunter - gauteng area

    Hi all,

    couldn't find a thread on this somewhere else, so happy if you could point me there if its been asked before.
    My boss asked me to take his 16y/o laaitie for his first hunt. the boss isn't really outdoorsy so i know taking them for a weekend somewhere is really pushing it... all my hunting spots are either too far away or only help if you sleep there for 2 nights.

    Was wondering if you guys know of any good bush type farms where we can go for the day and have the oakie get his first hunting experience?

    spending some proper time with him on the range before then... just need the farm now.

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    Default Re: day hunt for new hunter - gauteng area

    There are a few farms in Heilbron that look fairly reasonable. I haven't been to any of them but was look at them for a day hunt.

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    Default Re: day hunt for new hunter - gauteng area

    The norm to get a youngster into hunting is to first get him to acquire basic knowledge as to firearms, animals and ballistics. He would also need to be fairly proficient in handling the rifle.

    The poor old blesbuck has been the mainstay of first animals shot by rookies. Getting to a farm that will allow you to sit in the veld in a voorsit hunt is not always easy. That would be my suggestion as shooting from a vehicle is not easy and can be very unnerving. With a voorsit the animals are normally fairly close and if well executed feels like hunting and not shooting. Aiming time is then more than ample.

    The bushveldt is not a good idea for a rookie hunt. Poor visibility through trees and animals that don't stand still for long is a recipe for wounding.

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    Default Re: day hunt for new hunter - gauteng area

    Weekend isn't a long time and honestly most hunting camps in SA and hardly 'roughing it'. His son might like the more immersive aspect of staying overnight?

    There are few places around Dinokeng and Bronkhorstspruit.

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    Default Re: day hunt for new hunter - gauteng area

    Try Nexthunt, e.g.
    There are places around Cullinan that offer day hunts.

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    Default Re: day hunt for new hunter - gauteng area

    Check out Dag Jag Geleenthede - on facebook

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