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    Default .223 boresight sinoville pretoria

    Hi gents.

    I'm looking to borrow a boresight for.223 so I can sight my ar as I havent been able to get to the range to sight it. Would like to be able to sight it before lockdown tomorrow.

    If there is anyone that is willing to help, I would appreciate it. Im based in sinoville pretoria.

    You can whatsapp me on zero 7 1 0 seven 8 04 double one.

    Kind regards.

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    Default Re: .223 boresight sinoville pretoria

    Your eyes are a boresight. If you have a shielded window that looks onto some distant object just rest the upper on a stable surface. Centre the object in the middle of your barrel and adjust scope to match.

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    Default Re: .223 boresight sinoville pretoria

    I have one you can borrow, but I reckon you'll have to wait until after lockdown to get it.

    I'm in Jhb-north if you want to come and fetch it tomorrow and borrow for the duration of lockdown.

    Will whatsapp you ASAP

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