Some interesting historical trivia

Supplies sent to the South Africans were made by both (or using) FN and DM cases, using already formed "FyA" Latin American contract cases, in either 7x57 or 7,65x54, suitably sized/trimmed. "FyA" Spanish "Fusiles y Ametralladores" (rifles and machine guns). The experiment died out, since the cases, when used to a great degree in original 7x57 chambers, caused erosion of the neck area to the extent that when ammo was changed back to 7x57, the erosion caused failure to extract as the case necks expanded into the eroded part of the neck. With the long round nose projectile of the time, there was no need to go to a shortened case, although a 7x54 design would have had more success later with the Spitzer projectile (in the 1920s); but confusion would have resulted in using two different neck length cases in the same body chambering, to no really useful purpose.

There are a few variations on the 7x54

The 7mm-08 is a 7mm x 51 based off of the 7.62 x 51
This case is NOT the same as the 7 x57 Mauser

I particularly like this one

7 x 54 RWS

Perhaps I should extend the 7mm-08 to a case length of 55mm and call it the 7mm SNOTKLAP .... ?????

There is also the 7.65 x 54 ( 7.62 = 30 )

Some very interesting history here

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