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Revision HellflyA biker once told me “you buy a five dollar helmet for a five dollar head”. Meaning that the quality of your safety gear should be commensurate with the value of what it’s protecting. Proper eyewear when shooting is not negotiable. Ricochets happen, guns let go and if you haven’t ever been on the receiving end of at least one of these yet, wait, its most likely coming. Far too many people shoot with no eye protection whatsoever. Others just wear some sort of eye protection because the range or sport they are participating requires it. Your eyes are irreplaceable and pretty delicate. Decent eye protection isn’t free but compared to what you spend on guns, ammo, beer and cigarettes it really isn’t that bad.
It doesn’t only apply on the range. Self Defence guru Massad Ayoob has for years recommended that proper eye protection is a necessary part of your daily EDC gear. If someone starts taking shots at your car while you’re in it glass and other fragments are going to be flying all over the place. These could blind you, removing your ability to escape or fight back properly. Decent eye protection gives you one less thing to worry about, at a time when you will have more than enough on your mind.

For the last six months I have been testing a pair of Revision Hellfly glasses, to say I’m impressed wouldn’t cover it. These glasses are outstanding, I have been wearing them almost every minute I am outside. Driving, shooting or just walking around I have used them constantly. Normally I hate wearing glasses of any sort. I normally wear them on the range because they are a necessary but other than that I haven’t worn them much at all. The Hellflys on the other hand are a pleasure to wear. At under an ounce they weigh almost nothing and their design makes them very comfortable, even for me, for extended periods.
Visual clarity through them is very impressive and on first donning them most users have commented on how clear everything appears. The frames also don’t interrupt my field of vision in any way that I can notice, so from a tactical point of view I’m not running around with permanent blind spots. They look pretty damn good too. The Hellflys are available in a selection of frame and lens colours so you can select the look that most appeals to you.

Revision SawflyI also tested a Sawfly system. The Sawflys are wrap around lens eye protection which come packaged with three lenses. Clear ones ideal for indoor ranges and night shoots. Yellow lenses which give great clarity when it’s not too bright outside and smoked lenses which work fantastically when you’re outdoors on a sunny day. The lenses are quick and easy to change so if conditions change just open the carry case and stick in the lenses that best suit the current conditions.
The Sawflys would be the best choice if you are in the market for pure shooting glasses. The wrap around lenses offer maximum visibility and the set kept in your range bag would ensure that you were prepared for any shooting conditions.Revision Sawfly

Looking cool and having nice sunglasses is one thing but ,if we are going to wear these things for shooting and eye protection on the street , These things need to be tough. Revision claim that their lenses will withstand a blast of 12ga number 6 shot at five metres. That should offer ample protection against ricochets and flying fragments. In fact on their website Revision show a set of their goggles that saved a US Soldiers sight when they stopped a fragment from an IED.
In order to see how they hold up the guys from Rescomp (the local agents) kindly supplied me some Sawfly lenses to break, sorry I mean test. I decided I wasn’t just going to try what Revision advertised; I decided to try destroying them. First off I hit them with a 24 gram 12 Gauge load of number seven shot from five metres. Just as expected they stopped this with no issue even with the centre of the pattern striking the narrowest part of the glasses where they would sit above the bridge of your nose. This successfully completed I then took the same lenses and from five metres hit them again. This time I used a 3 Inch Magnum load of number four birdshot. The centre of the pattern once again struck in the same place. Impressively ,though a much tougher load than advertised and on a set of already shot lenses no pellets penetrated. That rights not one. The lenses themselves were distorted but nothing got through to injure the eyes of the wearers.

Not one to give up at breaking things my next trick was to shoot them with AAA’s. Yup buckshot! After digging around in the backstop for a while trying to find them we discovered that unfortunately the centre of the still tight 5 m pattern had hit in the exact same place again. This did manage to shear the lenses down the middle. It was incredibly impressive though, as none of the AAA pellets had penetrated the lens I recovered. That’s right it took me three close range rounds of 12 ga to break these things. And the lenses managed to stop buckshot pellets after already being shot twice.
I am very confident that short of actually getting shot in the face my Revision Hellflys will protect my eyes against anything that I am likely to catch in the face. 100% UV A-B-C protection is also a big plus when spending time under the African sun. I suggest that anyone in the market for eye wear either for shooting or for general purpose looking cool has a chat to the guys at Rescomp on 012 333 4768 or by emailing . You won’t regret choosing Revision!
Thanks to Rescomp for supplying the glasses I tested and got to break.

Article by BigT, GunSite SA Forum Member.

Many thanks to Rescomp and BigT from the GunSite SA Team for this continbution.



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  1. David says:

    I still prefer the Wiley X products.

    US SWATT and Sopecial Forces can’t be wrong

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