Round 2 SA Championship Northern Gauteng

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Round 2 SA Championship Northern Gauteng

Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (DVC) meaning accuracy, power, and speed

2nd Round of SA Championships was held in Pretoria 2nd to 3rd July

The match was hosted by the Pretoria Defense Practical Shooting Club at the Eeufees range situated in Northern Gauteng.  Shooting took place over two days with a total of 16 stages and a round count of 285. This was the 1st match after National team selection and the National Team members were able to assess their preparation for the World Shoot in Greece later this year.

An excellent shoot was put on by NGPSA and its provincial clubs. The match ran on time and hardly any delays were experienced by shooters. The weather was excellent the whole weekend and the prize giving function held at Braza Menlyn was a winner in itself. The match had good props, good range layouts and was fun to shoot. The match was also a good yardstick for the national team members as well as the other shooters going to the World Shoot in Greece.

The actual match flowed well with hardly any time wasted waiting for a stage.  As far as I could see the match was running on time and in some instances even ahead of time.  Some breakages did occur and in the detail I was in some of the competitors did have to catch up with a stage latter in the day.

Officials, Administrators and Organizers

Once again we would like to give a big thank you all the Officials, Administrative personnel and organizers of the match. The match went down well and any range issues or breakages where attended to immediately. Early Sunday morning preliminary scoring was available for each competitor at the 1st stage of the day.

The stage briefings had an interesting format as some stage information was available on an information board situated on the relevant range and the Range Officers provided only the necessary procedural information required to complete the stage.

The Match

The match consisted of 16 stages with a total round count of 285 rounds. It was a smaller match in comparison to the 1st match of the year but this was only a 2 day match. Target distances varied from 2 meters to 35 meters and the targets included from 6” steel plates, mini paper targets, no-shoot targets, Pepper poppers, mini poppers and normal IPSC targets. The props included barricades, swingers, bobbers and a nice elevated platform to run up and down. Target placement was good providing the opportunity to shoot on the move.  It was  a well-balanced layout testing accuracy and speed. A good challenge faced by shooters was the use of the new mini targets. These were also found on some of the swingers as well.

As an example Stage 15 (See below) was a 32 round stage which included mini targets, small plates and required accurate shooting with two swingers also bearing mini targets.


  • 16 Stages, 285 Rounds, lots of plates and mini targets
  • 200 Competitors:
    69 Open Class
    52 Production Class
    79 Standard Class
    Ladies 11
    Junior’s 8
  • South Africa, Zimbabwe


A total of 200 competitors took part in the 2 day match. The breakdown of competitors per class was as follows:

  • Open – 69
  • Standard – 79
  • Production – 52

It was nice to see more junior competitors at the match as well.

Categories in the different classes included Men, Ladies, Juniors, Seniors and Super Seniors.  Medals were awarded in most classes.


The results reflect the technicality of the match.  All 3 classes were won by local shooters.  The results also reflect the preparation by the members that have been selected for the national team. It was very nice to see the juniors becoming more and more skilled and even starting to compete with the well-established shooters.

Position Name Region Class
1 Smith, Eddie RSA Open
2 Gogos, Alex RSA Open
3 Montgomery, Hubert RSA Open
Position Name Region Class
1 Montgomery, Hubert RSA Open S
2 Dadamia, Goolam RSA Open S
3 Cohen, Joel RSA Open S
Position Name Region Class
1 Vaughan, Jim RSA Open SS
Position Name Region Class
1 Hatting, Johan RSA Production
2 Wessels, Albert RSA Production
3 Hopper, Rob RSA Production
Position Name Region Class
1 Hopper, Rob RSA Production S
Position Name Region Class
1 Crossley, Guy RSA Production J
2 Smit, Tertius RSA Production J
3 Vermeulen, Tiaan RSA Production J
Position Name Region Class
1 van den Berg, Ets RSA Open L
2 Montgomery,Hanlie RSA Open L
3 Bierman, Alexis RSA Open L
Position Name Region Class
1 Kolia, Muhammed RSA Standard
2 Peacock, Justin RSA Standard
3 Patzen, Heinrich RSA Standard
Position Name Region Class
1 van Straaten, Andre RSA Standard S
2 de Wet, Kobus RSA Standard S
3 Rolls, Kevin RSA Standard S
Position Name Region Class
1 Fischer, Joey RSA Standard L
2 Keaney, Janis RSA Standard L
3 du Plooy, Eurika RSA Standard L
Position Name Region Class
1 Amm, Colin RSA Standard SS

Junior Development

At the next Nationals in Welkom on the 2nd and 3rd of September all junior shooters will be squadded together so that they can receive coaching on how to shoot the match.  This coaching will be done Albert Wessels and I. The aim of getting all the juniors into a single squad is to promote competition as well as to ensure that they get more benefit from experience shooters at a national level.

As part of Junior development CZ sponsored 3 CS Shadow production handguns that have been given to 3 of the junior shooters.

CR Speed has also committed to assist with the junior development by means of sponsorship.


As in any sport we would also like to thank the sponsors that contributed to assist NGPSA to host the match.  We ask our shooters to please support the sponsors as they are supporting you in your shooting.

Sponsors Website
Ocean Basket
CR Speed
Outdoor Adventure Centre
Kukri Knives
Man Magnum Magazine
NSN Guns and Ammo
Rudy Project
Shooting Stuff
VLT Guns

By Pierre Wrogeman



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