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  1. About Gun Free South Africa
  3. Gun politics in South Africa
  4. Gun-related consumption and South Africa's gun culture
  5. South African gun control activist shot - 18th January 2004
  6. Delusion reaches new heights
  7. My Broadband Forum- anti GFSA thread
  8. GFSA - Conveniently forget to mention.....
  9. GFSA will be the 1st to moan!!
  10. F.O.K.U.S SABC 2
  11. "Guns Dont Cause Crime" - 24/7 Video Feed
  12. Gun control causes less crime...Not
  13. Jamaica's Bloody Lesson on Guns
  14. FBI Data Again Shows More Guns = Less Crime
  15. On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs
  16. A Horror Story from England
  17. Despite increase in gun ownership, crime rate drops for third straight year
  18. Gun free society advertisement
  19. New poster for gfsa
  20. Anti-gun commercial
  21. Latest GFSA drivel - Posse needed !
  22. Baning guns will solve the problem ?
  23. A heartwarming story
  24. GFSA to be interviewed on 702!
  25. GFSA to be on Radio 702 - now!
  26. Cop shot dead in East London
  27. Gun Free South Africa delusional?
  28. Voting survey against GFSA on News24.com
  29. 11 year old defends herself.
  30. Gunfree South Africa - some facts they should see.
  31. Gun Free South Africa - What now? More firearms,less crime!
  32. For Those Who Think Gun Control Is A Good Idea...
  33. Natalie Jaynes and Gun Free South Africa - For you !
  34. Gun control does NOT work
  35. What Liberals Don't Know About Guns, Chapter 217
  36. When you loose your rights !
  37. More proof that gunfree SA is delusional !
  38. Former UN Human Rights Chairman Guns Down Hundreds of Unarmed Mourners
  39. Is gun control a dead issue? USA
  40. You dont need a gun to kill.
  41. Texans beat the police at gun buy back
  42. Gun control - been there done that got the tshirt...
  43. GFSA hitting on toy guns again.
  44. Guitar Shotgun.
  45. "GFSA and your thoughts" poll on other forum
  46. Gun ownership on the rise - Egypt
  47. Gun Bans Work! - Because you cant make a shotgun from a stapler?
  48. 7 year old's take on gunfree zones
  49. UN Ignores Its Own Data to Promote Gun Ban
  50. Kindy kids get gun licences
  51. GFSA - you gotta love censorship!
  52. The silence is deafening Gun Free South Africa
  53. Perhaps Gun free Zones aren't that safe?
  54. Helping GFSA
  55. Anti-gun loonies, morals
  56. Wapeneienaars wil hof toe oor herlisensiëring
  57. Interesting post about our Baltic Brothers
  58. Hijacker shot dead by civilian and they say we dont need guns
  59. Contrary to the loony's like GFSA advice, fighting back did help.
  60. Woman paralysed after roadblock shooting
  61. Gun Control open debate on facebook
  62. My idea of gun control is where I aim my gun
  63. Using DIY Guns to Fight Rapists
  64. Gumtree is anti-gun now
  65. An Affirmation to bear arms
  66. The South African Firearms Control Act: A complete failure or work in progress?
  67. The UN is After Your Guns
  68. China,killing spree-7 dead,no guns used!
  69. UP to 3m illegal guns are in circulation in Britain
  70. Gun crimes drop at Virginia bars and restaurants
  71. Man stabs 6 to death on British isle
  72. Britain's Criminal Utopia
  73. Britain's insane politicians and the olympics
  74. See it from their side....
  75. Mexican City Opts To Fight Crime By Training Residents How To Shoot
  76. Pick n Pay & GFSA
  77. The Truth about Firearms Ownership
  78. Just a thought.
  79. New FBI stats
  80. UK debate
  81. Surprised robbers strangle woman
  82. Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance from Citizens,
  83. A whole lot better than GFSA idiotic, " iGun iflop "
  84. Canadian Bill killing gun registry is approved
  85. How governments create crime
  86. Death by Gun Control...
  87. Canadian LGR is dead! Bill C-19 is law as of 1400EST, and in force as of 00EST
  88. Gun Save Lives. The research has been done.
  89. Crime Statistics Question
  91. How to prevent houserobberies
  92. Cop held for selling evidence gun
  93. 'Stolen rifles belong to Zuma protection unit'
  94. The Right to Bear Arms is a Human Right
  95. Reasons for SA citizens being anti - gun
  96. Interesting quotes regarding the right to bear arms
  97. US restriction on Funding U.N. Gun Ban Treaty
  98. Idiotic press release by gfsa.
  99. Funding for GFSA?
  100. Gun salesman of the year... again!
  101. Cops can’t stop gun-running - Plato
  102. UK: Banish guns, they said...
  103. SA Man and Father-in-law stop Australian robbers.
  104. Them missing guns.....?
  105. Russian Senators Propose Legalizing Handguns!!
  106. "Gun control" joke from Australia!
  107. United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Conference Comes to an Impasse
  108. Gunsmithing in Pakistan
  109. Vehicle Fatalities
  110. Great resource
  111. Raging Against Self Defense: A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality
  112. Hire an AK-47 for a day.
  113. And you thought we had it bad?
  114. "Gun control and the UK"(part 500)
  115. SANDF has lost 51 firearms over the last three years
  116. ‘One million kill themselves a year’
  117. Woman Stabbed on SARS premises
  118. Farm Attack?
  119. Police improve firearm control measures but more still needs to be done – Minister Mt
  120. Britain is worse than South Africa and U.S.
  121. CHina: Children killed in axe attack
  122. Mans vas wat vuurwapens op stakers
  123. UK again:Man goes on hit-and-run rampage in Wales
  124. School violence linked to homes - CJCP
  125. The joys of living in a gun-free society
  126. Cops lose guns (35!)
  127. Mthatha policeman arrested for illegal fire-arms
  128. Some more DIY
  129. Weapons stolen from Australian navy patrol boat
  130. Gun-grabber rebuke of the day
  131. UK Gun crime soars by 35%
  133. Monsters of Egotism
  134. FBI: Hammers, clubs kill more than rifles
  135. Larry Correia refutes the gun controllers once and for all
  136. The giant, gaping hole in Sandy Hook reporting
  137. Piers Morgan fact check.
  138. International Gun Reduction is happening and is a UN / US mandate
  139. You are liar Mr Howard!
  140. UK "gun control" joke
  141. No alarm, only 1 exit in Brazil club fire
  142. Anonymous responds to Obama Gun Control
  143. Oops, did the truth slip out?
  144. Do You Have the Right to Own a Firearm?
  145. Massacre survivor: "I'm a victim of lawmakers"
  146. Gun Control does not reduce crime!
  147. Gun Control-Disarm/Gun Free Zones?
  148. Martin Hood on 3 Talk with Noeleen this arvo/Dear Network Member
  149. Why you should own an AR-15 (as written by cops)
  150. Young family suffers horror ordeal - February 20 2013 at 05:25pm
  151. Windsor Park Woman Murdered Without Firearm
  152. The reasons why there are so many guns in South Africa
  153. Good thing there is no serious violence in the UK
  154. Politicians and Gun Control
  155. A Cheap Shot
  156. Suggestion: Televised debate.
  157. Gunfree hospitals?
  158. Help promote GFSA policies...
  159. Gunmen kill 6 siblings in KZN
  160. Shop owner fought back. Alleged robber shot and wounded at the Grove Mall
  161. Successful Use of Firearms in Self Defense
  162. Lies, damned lies and...
  163. 2 dead in Japan 'stabbing rampage'
  164. Sergeant arrested for attempted murder
  165. Out of 3.3 million crimes occur per year, 1.7m crimes a year not reported
  166. cool pic
  167. Toy guns aren't a problem - psychologist
  168. 40% of Gauteng cops don't have driver's licenses
  169. Man dies after double shooting in Camberwell
  170. Cop shop robbed, guns and car stolen
  171. Gun Free SA quotes false stats on Switzerland
  172. Police: 4 People Stabbed at Albuquerque Church
  173. How guns are being used by citizens in America each year
  174. Why you need high capacity mags
  175. 40 Reasons to support Gun Control
  176. Colion Noir - Racists
  177. Third victim of Italy pickaxe killer dies
  178. Student still in the dark after ordeal
  179. Calif. law takes effect on microstamping guns
  180. Dad killed son to punish mom
  181. A Society of the Emotionally Insecure
  182. Inquiry prompts appeal on gun theft
  183. Why don't GFSA supporters get robbed?
  184. Are SA whites really being killed “like flies”? Why Steve Hofmeyr is wrong
  185. 3 kids attacked in Tokyo stabbing spree
  186. Confiscations in Canada
  187. Gun Free SA, ʼn organisasie wat hulle toespits op ʼn vuurwapenvrye Suid-Afrika, het ver
  188. Chicago: 5 Shot Dead, 27 Wounded, 3 Days To Go In The Gun
  189. Nikki Goeser: ‘How Gun Control Killed My Husband’
  190. Lawmaker demands National Guard patrol the streets of Chicago to stop gun violence
  191. GOSA Media Release 2013-07-12
  192. Horror movies
  193. You don't need a gun to kill
  194. Louis Theroux - Law and Disorder in Johannesburg
  195. Deadly LA crash: Man held
  196. Family attacked by knife weilding robbers
  197. TUT is weapons free, or is it?
  198. How some of the illegal guns enter Britain
  199. Morally Obtuse
  200. New lows
  201. Harvard study proves gun-grabbers’ argument dead wrong
  202. Cops in Eastern Cape court for theft
  203. CNN Article Gun control is not the answer
  204. This could be trouble
  205. Armed robbery caught on camera
  206. Terror in a Durban Taxi
  207. Preying on soft targets
  208. When the wolves are in captivity and the sheep are "safe"...
  209. Cop shoots and kills himself by mistake
  210. Cops shot during shop robbery
  211. Teachers call for armed guards
  212. Myths of European Gun Laws
  213. Liberalism: True Political Ideology or Mental Disorder?
  214. Woman nabbed with explosives at border
  215. Teacher killed with a box cutter
  216. Another video showing gun control is bad
  217. More kids killed by SA moms
  218. 5 die in NY stabbing
  219. Rape on US campuses
  220. Police crime stats wrong: Institute for Security Studies
  221. Former student leader hijacked
  222. Self defense works
  223. Great Common Sense Video: Why Good People Should Be Armed
  224. Lying to protect “the big lie” of gun free zones
  225. Sudan ethnic kilings (and UN good intentions)
  226. Man dies after fatal shooting at London's Avalon Club
  227. Registration Leads to Confiscation
  228. Gun Control laws do not reduce violent crime - Fox News
  229. Another home invasion
  230. Robber dies after accomplice shoots victim.
  231. Couple arrested on weapons charges
  232. Man brutally stomps someone’s face, sues Nike – it was the shoes’ fault
  233. ‘An illegal firearm on every street’
  234. Man arrested for being in possession of firearms and ammunition
  235. Risk of suicide higher?
  236. GFSA-One more fact againt you
  237. Three Dead in Shooting at Maryland Mall
  238. Mother and daughter shot in driveway - Pretoria east
  239. I survived a farm attack and armed robbery
  240. Gun control activist swears he forgot he was carrying gun while visiting school
  241. Gun Free SA at it again. Seriously?
  242. Australian Gun Rights Video
  243. Consequences of a stupid Act...
  244. Gun-control: a Ukranian perspective
  245. Proof that gun control doesn't work
  246. SAPS lost 10'000 plus firearms.
  247. Brutal triple murder at KZN farm.
  248. Woman raped toddler stabbed while police wait outside!!
  249. Posse call-up!
  250. EWN infographic