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  1. Home owner shoots robber dead
  2. Victim shoots, kills robbers
  3. Attacker shot dead in farm attack
  4. Another Attempt on plot -- Enigma
  5. Man shoots robber, has heart attack
  6. Shopper shoots robber in head
  7. Failed robbery leads in death
  8. Two robbery suspects critical after shooting
  9. DO NOT threaten my family!
  10. Cop arrested after farm attack
  11. Businessman stops robbers - full story
  12. Family's miracle escape during armed raid
  13. Ambushed Florida father fights back!!!
  14. BFN Store Owner Kills Robber
  15. Robbers pick wrong target
  16. Zindzi Mandela's family held up
  17. Woman starts shooting, house robber dies
  18. Gran lets shotgun do the talking
  19. Taxidermist kills two of the most wanted West-rand criminals
  20. Shopkeeper kills armed robber
  21. Anti-Poaching Operation Ladysmith
  22. Robber keeps on fighting after shot to chest
  23. Guards foil cash heist
  24. Man shot dead at councillor’s home
  25. Robber shot dead at funeral parlour
  26. Farmers Wife Shoots Attacker in Neck
  27. Pizza Hut robbers didn’t know driver was armed ex-cop
  28. I would rather defend against a firearm than a knife.
  29. Man shoots dead robber
  30. Women kills attacker the other 3 arrested
  31. Two intruders shot in "North West"
  32. Armed father fights back against driveway robbers (American)
  33. Armed Beauty Queen Fatally Shoots Intruder in Florida Home Invasion
  34. Victim turns tables on robbers, kills two
  35. Fed Up Resident Outguns Thugs
  37. 72-year-old woman kills robber
  38. (armed) JHB grandfather takes on three armed suspects.
  39. Car owner shoots, kills thief
  40. BB Gun vs Shotgun
  41. North West farmer kills intruder
  42. Georgia Grandmother Foils Robbery By Getting Into Shootout With Suspects
  43. +1 for EDC
  44. Man buys knife, stabs 2 at Salt Lake City store
  45. NW Couple survive farm attack
  46. man shoots armed robber
  47. Man escapes 9 bullets in hijacking
  48. Very relevant Read -
  49. Video: 71-Year-Old Concealed Carry Holder Opens Fire on Would-Be Robbers
  50. 26 April 2012, George, Doctor shoots 1 robber dead during home invasion
  51. (US, Ohio, 23 Jul 2012) Paraplegic shot, killed armed intruder
  52. Cato survey of Defensive Gun Uses, with map (US)
  53. Do as I say, not as I do
  54. Shop owner kicks robbers' a$$es!
  55. Run MoFo', run!
  56. Woman, 65, shoots at would-be jewelry store robbers
  57. House robbers killed in shootings
  58. Robber shot dead after guard foils heist
  59. 23 Aug 2012 (Hermanus SA) Teen kills intruder and saves dad's life
  60. Paraplegic kills intruder - report
  61. Good reaction!
  62. Poms get it wrong... again.
  63. (Kentucky, USA, Sep 2012) 92 Year Old Shoots and Kills Burglar
  64. Guns save lives! (Even pink Millenniums! ;o)
  65. Armed Robber Shot Dead by Indy Gun Store Clerk
  66. Margate woman shoots burglars.
  67. (8 Oct 2012 Mpumalanga) Farmer foils attack by muti-burning robbers
  68. Robber shot dead in home shoot-out
  69. Man Attempts Shooting Spree At “The Hobbit” Premier, Stopped By Woman With A Gun
  70. Sandy Hook - More Lies
  71. Burglar nailed red handed
  72. Farm attackers scared of with firearm
  73. Mother shoots intruder,protects daughters.
  74. Elderly man protects his home with a .22 revolver
  75. 'Karate kid' saves dad from attackers/+ Gun
  76. Who says AR's have no defensive application?
  77. Robber shot as he held girl hostage
  78. Robber shot as he held girl hostage
  79. 470 People survived attack with the use of firearms
  80. 52 yr old lady shoots knife wielding attacker
  81. Man (81) shoots attacker dead in farmhouse
  82. Robbery at The Grove, armed shop keeper defends himself
  83. Benoni man shoots armed thieves
  84. One man with a pistol vs gang armed with clubs & knives.
  85. Armed robber interrupts family’s fast food lunch, Dad shoots him
  86. Old man in Eldoraigne defends himself
  88. Highlands North Shootout
  89. Rower in huis geskiet (Afrikaans)
  90. Reinforcing why one up is the way to go.
  91. Deur glasdeur, red ma van 2 rowers
  92. 6 injured in Cape Town mall shooting
  93. Man put in closet where guns were.......suspect shot!
  94. Gunfire shatters suburban tranquillity
  95. Police officer shot, shoots back killing robber
  96. Another shooting at a crowded movie...
  97. Grandma, 72
  98. Man attacked by AK-47-wielding robbers
  99. A civilian shot and killed three armed men who tried to hijack him in Newtown
  100. Retired cop foils house robbery
  101. Homeowner kills one of two armed invaders.
  102. Would be Hijacker Shot
  103. St James Church massacre - 20 years ago
  104. Suspect killed in attack on off-duty police woman at Leaches Bay
  105. Man successfully defends family by using his Self Defence Weapon
  106. Robber outgunned in Marlboro
  107. Family fights off brazen criminals
  108. Motorist guns down 'hijacker'
  109. Motorist shoots hijacker in foot
  110. Motorist shoots hijacker in wemmer pan
  111. Four poachers shot dead in Kruger
  112. Guest shoots robber at party - Afrikaans
  113. 11 Year Old Girl Defends Home Against Three Robbers With Pink .22 Rifle
  114. Mystery Irish hero saved hundreds of terrified shoppers trapped in Nairobi
  115. Oil on the caliber debate...
  116. Suspect arrested for business robbery in PE
  117. KZN man kills attempted hijacker
  118. Armed Robber Shot Dead, Tongaat, KwaZulu Natal
  119. Car thief’s wrong choice turns fatal
  120. Mass Shooting Thwarted in Arizona by Concealed Carrier
  121. "A story of good guys with guns"...
  122. Hijacker killed - Durban
  123. Florida Man Uses AK-47 To Defend Himself Against Three Armed Assailants
  124. HELD UP
  125. Mexico comes full circle and legalize vigilantism
  126. Robber with knife this afternoon.
  127. Citizens pin down robbers in Natal
  128. Victim shoots hijacker
  129. What has Happened to Chicago’s Murder Rate?
  130. Saw this one from Southbroom
  131. Dutch Jeweler shoots two robbers
  132. Interesting video
  133. Quick-thinking officer foils a burglary-in-progress in Van Riebeeckshof
  134. Man shoots and kills attackers in Jo'Burg
  135. Woman defends man against mob justice
  136. Toti man shoots and killed hijacker.
  137. Home owner shoots back
  138. Wanted man shot in head by Uitkyk resident.
  139. Successful defence-N2 hijacking!
  140. Attempted hijackers shot
  141. Lol. Be careful what bets you make
  142. Shot farmer fires back, kills attacker
  143. Man with Gun saves lady from being highjacked
  144. Armed doctor stop hospital killer
  145. House robber killed in Brakpan
  146. Durbs: Newlands homeowner shoots robber
  147. Suspect shot dead during armed robbery in PE
  148. Farmer's wife shoots at attackers, 2 dead -> media call up for the good side for once
  149. Guns save lives and reduce crime!
  150. Ohio woman uses gun to prevent abduction
  151. You get to answer their lies...
  152. Duncanville armed robbery
  153. “You bet you’re sorry you nasty thing.”
  154. Hijacker shot by victim
  155. A Call for Help
  156. Having your own gun used against you works both ways
  157. Feel good video clip for the day - armed robbers chased
  158. Meanwhile, in Helderkruin...
  159. Father shoots burgler in daugters room
  160. Two of five house robbers shot and killed.
  161. DGU of the Day: 2-for-1 Special
  162. Twee rowers tydens JHB-huisbraak doodgeskiet.
  163. Homeowner kills armed robber - Durban
  164. Homeowner survives ambush
  165. The assailant should have listened
  166. Hijacker killed in self defence
  167. Great pizza
  168. Elderly man stops two robbers in their tracks
  169. Why legal guns work
  170. Aussie cops need guns as it turns out.
  171. Robber shot dead by wounded home owner
  172. Motorist shoots dead most wanted hijacker
  173. Sticky end for a notorious car jacker
  174. OR Tambo Parking Company Robbery
  175. Any one else see this
  176. Video Footage of business defended with single hand gun (a bit graphic)
  177. Father Shoots Daughter's Hijacker
  178. Man shoots robber
  179. Shop owner shoots robbers
  180. Farmer arrested for shooting warning shot
  181. Crowbar burglar chooses wrong house
  182. House Robbery Gone Right
  183. Awesome girl
  184. Robber breaks woman's face with sewing machine
  185. Garderner chases off housebreaker with single shot
  186. Hijacker or Armed Robber Meets a Fitting End
  187. Another successful self-defence shooting
  188. Could have ended differently
  190. Another Hijacker Terminated
  191. Teen defends himself and mom in farm attack
  192. Robbers 0 - Woman with gun 1
  193. Another one of our own wins a fight.
  194. Boer oorleef plaasaanval ná geweer vassteek
  195. They are not going to get my gun
  196. Gun-Toting Grandma Stops Would-Be Assailant
  197. Ontdekkers Attempted Hijacking - 2-0 To Armed Hero
  198. Just two shots needed.
  199. When the good guy looses the fight
  200. Shoot-out Krugersdorp
  201. Shoot-out Krugersdorp II
  202. Robber shot dead by victum
  203. Successful SD situation in Melville
  204. Farmer defends himself
  205. PE woman shoots at intruders
  206. Armed robbery in Centurion
  207. Hijackers Killed - Durban...
  208. Mossel Bay resident shoots and kills house robber
  209. Hijacking failed... Made my morning!!!
  210. The armed citizens
  211. Hijacked vehicle recovery
  212. Louis Trichardt - Jeweller shoot robber
  213. Robber shot at ATM
  214. Wounded man kills Pinetown home invader in shoot-out
  215. Another success story
  216. EL Farmer fights off attackers
  217. Hijack stopped
  218. Taxi driver saves motorist in KZN
  219. Tables turned on armed robber
  220. Man shoots would-be robber, two flee
  221. Son shot intruders at northeast Las Vegas home
  222. Woman foils attack
  223. Wounded pensioner kills attacker
  224. One pensioner shot, suspect dead.
  225. Dowerglen home owner 2 BG 0
  226. Glenvista - Resident shoots and kills 2 armed intruders
  227. Resident shoots and kills one perp, shoots and wounds another
  228. Business Owner Turns The Tables On Armed Robber
  229. Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Driver Seat Draw
  230. Mom fights off hijacker to save baby
  231. Robber wounded after victim shoots back
  232. Hijackers caught after shootout - Benoni
  233. Breaking news-Self Defense with Knife!
  234. House breaker shot in Krugersdorp
  235. Cullinan; attacker shot in farm attack
  236. Supermarket owner defends himself,shoots dead two armed robbers.
  237. Robber dies, farmer wounded in PE attack
  238. Killed, but saved his girlfriend and her kids
  239. Waterkloof Junction - Complex shootout
  240. Two house robbers shot dead and third seriously wounded, by helpful neighbour
  241. Durban take away owner fending off armed robbers
  242. Hijacking victim defends himself successfully
  243. Pretoria homeowner kills one robber, is badly wounded in gun battle to save wife
  244. Cleaner arrested for shooting alleged robber
  245. Durban homeowner shoots, kills pick-axe wielding attacker
  246. Store Owner Pulls Gun On Armed Robber Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=42f
  247. Pta-vrou skiet rower tydens huisbraak dood
  248. Hijacker shot dead at mall
  249. Alleged smash-and-grabber shot dead by Cape Town motorist
  250. Husband wakes up and shoots dead home invader already on bed