View Full Version : Unarmed people shot during attacks

  1. Man finds grandparents in pools of blood
  2. Dad shot at point blank range
  3. Robbers threaten week-old baby
  4. Mom shot dead in front of teen
  5. CSA Youth Manager shot
  6. Murdered man had premonition
  7. Man locks robber in with family
  8. Gunmen wound farmer, kill wife
  9. Man shot dead fighting robbers
  10. Man, son flee hail of bullets
  11. Woman shot in botched hijacking
  12. Man killed by N2 'repairmen'
  13. Man, 71, shot, robbed in Pta
  14. Teacher shot
  15. Man shot dead in bed.
  16. Farmer of Komatipoort shot
  17. Man killed at braai...
  18. Murder in Zwavelpoort
  19. Woman shot dead through her door.
  20. Man killed during house robbery
  21. Dad takes bullet for his kids
  22. Woman walks in on robbery - shot
  23. Gardener kills woman, kicks body
  24. Girl in all-night vigil over dead dad
  25. Man shot in attempted hijacking
  26. Man shot during robbery
  27. Wedding day bloodshed
  28. Robber’s bullet kills student
  29. Matric shot dead in hijacking
  30. Sisters shot in their sleep in KZN
  31. Matric boy shot outside home.
  32. Man shot dead in Durban hijacking
  33. Tourist Murder in Cape Town.
  34. AFRIKAANS: Seun (16) skiet inbreker met eie wapen nadat hy pa wond
  35. PE man dies in attempted hijacking
  36. Shock over old age home murder
  37. Robbers: Pray, it won't help
  38. Fairlands Spar Robbery
  39. Free State farmer, family found murdered
  40. Dutch Reformed Church's Minister & family attacked
  41. Centurion - Man shot after having dinner with his family.
  42. US shooting: Girl, 9, among 6 dead
  43. Details on the actual events are sketchy.
  44. Wicked Irony: "Man shot with gun he stole" Iafrica.
  45. 1 dead in Sunninghill shooting
  46. Man shot dead protecting family - Rietvlei PTA
  47. Cop killed in front of son (10)
  48. Killed in house
  49. Gardener shot for bicycle
  50. Mom shot in the face, tried calling for help
  51. Knysna Quiet Town??HA
  52. 18 Year old matric girl shot dead in hijacking in Springs.
  53. Shot in Molweni / Phoenix area
  54. Farmer killed, wife raped for cellphones
  55. Farmer remains positive after 3 attacks; South Africa’s Gandhi
  57. Baby killed by police bullet
  58. Man shot dead after his son’s confirmation
  59. Murder in New Redruth
  60. Grade 10 Pupil shot and killed in home invasion
  61. Massacre survivor tells of horror
  62. Student shot outside UJ campus
  63. Man attacked with brick, friend shot dead
  64. Hijackers kill man in front of family
  65. Man with "Anger Issues" shoots random passenger. (US)
  66. Gun Free South Africa got questions and answers regarding Oscar Pistorius case
  67. Robbers shoot Morningside dad
  68. Couple shot dead fleeing heist
  69. Couple killed in Free State guest house
  70. Another Freestate attack on a lodge.
  71. Tikwe Lodge Attack
  72. Family’s ordeal at hands of armed intruder
  73. "No Guns" sign = No Protection
  74. Eastrand shooting
  75. Surgeon Killed in Gauteng
  76. Two incidents of kids paying the price even though the victims were compliant
  77. Woman shot in Glenvista hijacking
  78. Man shot dead on M1 highway
  79. Shooting at Alberton City
  80. Shooting in Hesteapark
  81. Armed robbery in Kerk Street, Stellenbosch
  82. Joyride raak rit van hel!
  83. Taxi violence in Midrand leaves one dead.
  84. Two people were injured when six suspects robbed the store at Canal Walk.
  85. Jong Verloofde Geskiet
  86. Gang terrorises tourists
  87. Three shot, one dead, for cellphone.
  88. Man on bike attacked on bike and nearly killed
  89. Man shot in front of his wife, hi-jacking gone wrong.
  90. Botched hijacking
  91. Hijacking CT
  92. Why ''must'' they kill??
  93. Compliance guarantees nothing! Video footage of Romans robbery.
  94. Man murdered during home invasion in upmarket Pretoria estate
  95. Elderly man murdered in Parkview
  96. Armed Robbers Shoot at Metro Bus
  97. Teen sisters raped after father was shot and mother critically injured
  98. Robbers terrorise family for 6 hours
  99. Northcliff businessman murdered while protecting family
  100. Hijackers gun down mother in front of children
  101. Young man dies in shooting, another injured
  102. About those time periods for a licence? Woman murdered waiting for license approval
  103. Woman shot in hijacking
  104. Surrendered, then shot in the face for R50
  105. Man dies after Centurion shooting
  106. 17 year old killed on Pta East smallholding
  107. 70 yrs old shop owner shot dead at point blank range
  108. 5FM radio personalities held at gunpoint, one shot
  109. Westville man stabbed, shot dead during house robbery
  110. Murder in President Park saddens community
  111. Attacks in De Wildt area
  112. Nurse shot dead in Pietermaritzburg
  113. Elderly man murdered
  114. Does this not make you sick/ Wounded father lies helpless as young daughter is shot
  115. Family fend off six brazen attackers
  116. Family fend off six brazen attackers
  117. 1 Injured in Durban shopping mall shootout
  118. Father and son inlaw shot
  119. Guard killed in stabbing
  120. A sad day for me
  121. Another farm murder - 4 victims of same family killed
  122. Robbers stab 8 year old
  123. Another Farm murder : Mapstone
  124. Patron killed in Edenvale restaurant robbery
  125. Man shot outside OR Tambo
  126. Farmer brutally murdered Haenertsburg
  127. Home invasion, thugs shoot at family and child
  128. Farm worker shot dead by farmer
  129. Jeanine's Story
  130. No laws to protect SA's vulnerable groups, the study, from Hate Crimes Working Group
  131. London Gang Gun Crime
  132. Woman Biker shot in Cape Town