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  1. 4 die in supermarket shootout
  2. 4 die in supermarket shootout
  3. 2 held for E Cape family murder
  4. Cops in wild car chase arrest 4
  5. Police kill wanted robber
  6. Six dead in shoot-out
  7. SAPS National Commemeration Day
  8. Police Willing to Learn From Society - Mthethwa
  9. Four arrested with illegal guns
  10. Man arrested for Springs girl's death
  11. Suspect killed, cop wounded in shootout
  12. Good response time - Norkem Park Police & MML Security
  13. Armed trio killed in police chase
  14. Robbers killed in high-speed chase
  15. 3 arrested after business robbery
  16. Two rhino poachers nabbed in Kruger/Yeeha!
  17. Man injured while hijacking cop
  18. 7 Cash heist robbers shot dead
  19. Suspect linked to mall robbery
  20. Hero cop shot 5 times, survives
  21. Police reservist shoots 'robbers'
  22. K9 cops catch 3 armed robbers
  23. Cape Town man held for weapons stash
  24. Suspected hijacker shot dead
  25. Police kill hitman in KwaZulu-Natal
  26. Hands up to the Linden Police they caught the murderers - Eblockwatch
  27. Gang ‘spotters’ jailed for life
  28. Four cash-in-transit robbers killed
  29. Escapee arrested after shootout
  30. 2 of SA's most wanted criminals arrested
  31. Cop smuggles drugs to prisoners-Arrested
  32. Joburg party robber shot dead
  33. Police shoot hi jackers dead in Edwin swales (South Durban KZN)
  34. Leadership by example and old style policing works: Lyttelton SAPS
  35. Q7 vs Oryx Helicopter
  36. well done 10111 and SAPS Wierda Brug
  37. Fourteen arrested after EC bank robbery
  38. Panga, gun wielding duo shot by cops
  39. Suspect arrested,one killed after Queenstown post office heist
  40. 4 held for illegal guns, car theft
  41. Guns seized from Eastern Cape house
  42. Man with AK, R5, 9mm under bath arrested
  43. Douglasdale Police arrest three suspects and recover two firearms
  44. Girlfriends car broken into, and good policing
  45. SAPS Cop shows restraint with YAHOO'S
  46. Arms cache found in Limpopo
  47. Suspect shot dead by police after hijack
  48. Man dead in shoot-out after chase drama
  49. SAPS highspeed chase
  50. Gauteng cops bust eight for guns
  51. Durban - 4 suspects shot dead
  52. Potential Terrorist Attack Foiled
  53. Potential farm attack foiled by the Tweespruit-beskermsdienste. Surveillance footage.
  54. Robbery suspect dies after Phoenix shootout
  55. Shooting on N1 HIGHWAY
  56. 2 Robbers shot dead on the N3 near Camperdown
  57. Transitorooftogte is oorlog, sę geldwagte - 120 Skote: Toe Bid ek...
  58. No gun sign - Inception style
  59. JHB scrap yard robber shot dead | News24
  60. Five held for murdering Vereeniging couple
  61. How mall robbers were taken down
  62. Man killed while trying to rob cops
  63. Father and his son for possession of illegal firearms
  64. Robbers killed in Pretoria driveway shoot-out
  65. Dramatic details of Durban jogger's kidnapping revealed
  66. Cop on bike kicks ass | Video
  67. Great job Brooklyn SAPS and Flying Squad
  68. That's definitely the wrong house to break in to
  69. Brooklyn SAPS success - video
  70. Biker Police Officer, great work.
  71. ORT gang dealt a blow - would not call it cracked ;)
  72. Good Samaritan trips fleeing suspect in Mitchells Plain
  73. Three hijackers killed in dramatic Durban shoot-out
  74. Suspected hijackers in shoot-out with police near Lanseria
  75. Joburg shootout leaves one dead, others wounded
  76. Metro Shoots Armed Suspect
  77. WATCH: Acting top cop fights, hides behind couch during robbery
  78. Western Cape authorities makes 'massive' illegal ammunition bust ..