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  2. Restricted access to current and ex LEOs
  3. Conduct and disclaimer
  4. Saps Reservist
  5. FA Owners responsibility: WRT Police and Metro
  6. NB : Further conduct and proposed rules for the public section
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  8. Warning from the SAPD (who ever that may be) emailed to me
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  10. Roadblocks - Your Rights and Powers of the Police.
  11. My dear colleagues, please read.
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  13. Arrest - Your Rights and Powers of the Police
  14. Search and Seizure - Your Rights and Powers of the Police
  15. Usefulness of these stickies?
  16. Traffic LEOs...Two Questions
  17. SAPS Reservist training
  18. Police brutality in Limpopo
  19. what do you guy's carry on patrol?
  20. Some help needed from the lawyers and legal experts please
  21. Use of Force - Your Rights and Powers of the Police
  22. General tip : In Case of Emergency
  23. Legal Interpretations - Legality
  24. SAPS Reservists
  25. Close your gates dammit!!!! :-P
  26. LEO vs Sivi Training?
  27. Fallen brothers
  28. Plans afoot to make blue line thinner
  29. Back On The Beat After 2 Year Ordeal
  30. Police top brass in bid to muzzle officers
  31. Eastern Cape cop killled in shoot-out
  32. Drug Dealers in my street in fact in my driveway , Help Needed please
  33. How fast it can happen...be careful out there!
  34. Contact and Cover
  35. Phiyega: Cop killed every 10 days
  36. 2 cops gunned down while on duty this evening
  37. Cape Town cop killed while sleeping
  38. CPF sinoville/doornpoort?
  39. SAPS corruption on tape
  40. Robbers gun down cop
  41. Can you record a police officer/traffic officer?
  42. Cop shoots girlfriend, kills self
  43. Policeman kills girlfriend (Episode 500)
  44. Fake cop arrested in North West
  45. Limpopo cop kills girlfriend, self
  46. Cop found dead after double murder
  47. SAPS trainer fired shots at collegues
  48. Violence doesn't solve problems - premier
  49. Police Name Badges?
  50. Peace officers-how, what, why?
  52. North West cop kills girlfriend, self
  53. Three killed in Jeffreys Bay shooting
  54. CPF Guidelines and General Discussions
  55. Knysna cop in cuffs for road rage shooting
  56. Taakie boot out Russian knuckle draggers!
  57. a bullet proof mind by Lt Col David Grossman
  58. Cop arrested after business robbed
  59. Cop linked to string of robberies
  60. Four nabbed for attempted housebreaking
  61. Vinnie Jones - World's toughest cops - South Africa
  62. SAPS Durbanville - AWESOME SERVICE and friendly
  63. Captain held for Sasolburg robbery
  64. Attempted murder probe against cop
  65. KZN cops ‘liberate’ pal’s car
  66. SAP using Seeker UAV's?
  67. Constable arrested for murder
  68. 1 000 cops arrested since 2010
  69. Cape Town cop commander guilty of rape
  71. Alleged rapist ‘caught in the act’
  72. SAPS Head of CFR & Head of Firearm Compliance charged for corruption
  73. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  74. Cape Town - SAPS flying squad member shot dead another wounded - Nyanga
  75. Reservist intake
  77. TRT's at their best again.
  78. Dream Makers, Salute to PE and Humewood SAPS, this is what it is about!
  79. Are Traffic Police allowed to....
  80. Reservists using personal FA on duty.
  81. Umlazi CI and Durban Flying Squad kick butt!
  82. One year ago at Marikana
  83. Concerning trend in SA crime - Fake flying squad police vehicles used in SA crime
  84. The Men of Marikana
  85. child porn ring busted!
  86. Makes pink panther look good
  87. Cop carries out his deadly threat
  88. Credit where its due.
  89. 187 cops caught in less than 2 months
  90. I Got Treated to a Show - Friday 27/09/2013 @15h30
  91. Kouga policeman shoots wife
  92. AgriForum needs your help!!!!!
  93. Bullets fly in N3 VIP incident (VIP thugs-R-us)
  94. Brother Down - END of Watch
  95. Eligibility Criteria for Police Reservists Laid Down
  96. Cop's chilling warning before shooting
  97. Cop guns down family, kills himself
  98. SAPS Appreciation Day - 16 November 2013
  99. What is your experience with flexi-cuffs?
  100. Cop shoots girlfriend, self
  101. Police break down door to find dead top cop
  102. Free State cop kills wife, self
  103. Two cops nabbed for commander’s murder
  104. Officer ‘kills girlfriend by mistake’
  105. Angry cop shoots peacemaker, self
  106. Well done Taakies!
  107. FCA & Failure to store f/arm
  108. Tip of the week from Brackendowns SAPS
  109. 40mm Less Lethal Systems
  110. what it takes to get SAPS visible?
  111. Reservists in the USA
  112. Should I be concered
  113. Out in the open
  114. traffic fines in post
  115. Klapmuts SAPS station robbed, warrant officer killed
  116. Reservist opportunities
  117. SAPS Competency
  118. Things we need to start changing
  119. SAPS Permanent Recruitment
  120. Hawks don't raid wrong house, raid right house wrongly
  121. Randburg Shooting - SAPS member badly wounded
  122. RTMC - High Speed, Intervention Unit?
  123. to destroy a handgun
  124. Cops critical as community protects criminals - Are you F!@#ing kidding me?
  125. Duty Photos
  126. Who's a good boy!
  127. Who says cops aren't bright?
  128. Patches
  129. 13 Firearms found in taxi
  130. Z88 replacement
  131. RIP K9 Bruno
  132. Theft Procedure
  133. Is it still a viable option to join the SAPS?
  134. Assault: Best manner to handle the situation
  135. Require support to resolve a stolen firearm case
  136. Police Intake- 2015
  137. Cop dies in high speed chase
  138. Joining SAPS Special Task Force. Advice and 2c please!
  139. Police Tax, salary and benefits?
  140. A few questions about SAPS. NB!
  141. Found some old SAP training videos
  142. So I'm applying for SAPS next year and eventually the STF, but....glasses
  143. Hawks gets it wrong
  144. Cooperation between the Police and Civil Society - Teamwork for Safety
  145. Did the police get new guns?
  146. Is this Officer Suppose to be able to protect me? Seriously!
  148. New specialist units for SAPS
  149. In the middle of a gun fight
  150. Rightful search?
  151. New Tswane mayor donates BMW's to crime fighting units.
  152. Newbie - seeking info on SAPS rubber bullets / baton rounds
  153. Reservist
  154. Brooklyn SAPS -- Reservist Intake -- Details & Info
  155. LE Patch and pin trade
  156. Any SAPS members - Hostage Negotiators
  158. What is happening in the Western Cape?
  159. Genl. Sitole appointed as Police Commissioner
  160. Questionable warnings from SAPS Deputy Provincial Commissioner Maj. Gen Jan Scheepers
  161. Analysis: Sita/SAPS Capture - Scopa hearing
  162. SA Police get “most expensive bulletproof vests in the world
  164. SAPS vacancies: Police Trainees
  165. Production of Licence and Firearm
  166. Saps Task Force- a Force to recon with
  167. RIP - Genl Mike Fryer Special Task Force
  168. SAPS Vacancies: Police Trainees for 2020 intake
  169. North West traffic officers accused of asking US driver for a bribe
  170. How good are the STF
  171. SAPS 2020/2021 Re-Enlistment of former members
  172. Attack on Nick Bester