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  1. Legend of the, Ho Chi Minh trail
  2. SPOKEN BY GREAT MEN (iets vir die Boere)
  3. 6 June 1944
  4. Family tree search
  5. WW2- a mind blowing time in history
  7. The Man Who Could Have Killed Hitler
  8. Interesting WWII pics
  9. The 5 most bizarre battles in WW2
  10. WWII Archives
  11. Today in History 1775
  12. German escape attempts during WW2?
  13. Warning - For those that own and/or shoot M1 Garand Rifles
  14. 32 Battalion March Songs & Soundtracks
  15. Tough as nails
  16. Shot down a fighter plane with only M1911A1 .45 cal. Pistol
  17. Land Mine-Denmark’s submission for the Foreign Language Film Academy Award.
  18. View from "The other side"
  19. Terrorists arrested for trying to blow up parliament
  20. Generation War - WW2 German mini series
  21. WW2: The Question of the Decent Ordinary Wehrmacht Member
  22. British Admiral Leaves Dublin By Air
  23. Canberra Bomber
  24. Terracotta Army Exhibition
  25. East African campaign
  27. The Great War - Youtube channel
  28. Cuba in Angola
  29. Skinner's Horse
  30. Martini-Henry Rifle G&A Article
  31. The Man Who Ruined the Soviet Warplane Industry
  32. The Siege of Jadotville | Official Trailer
  33. German sniper scope OPTIKOTECHNA 4x 6°
  34. IDF at its best
  35. Koevoet: Courage, blood and treachery
  36. Campfire Stories
  37. Castro dies aged 90
  38. Die Männer der Emden (2012)- “The Men of the Emden"
  39. Interview with German tank ace Michael Wittman
  40. Dark side of the peace- Post-WWII Retaliation against Minorities
  41. Letters from Stalingrad - Numbers, Censorship & Effects on the Homefront
  42. The fallen of WW II
  43. 109 year old US army veteran speaks
  44. The Commando Who Refused To Die (55m)
  45. May 4 : Casinga Day - Namibia no easy road to freedom.
  46. Quite informative
  47. Mivtsa Yonatan
  48. Brief, informative clip on SR-71 by pilot that flew them
  49. Kalashnikov inventor gets statue in Russia
  50. Colourised Pictures
  51. Looking for a €4,9M sponsor.
  52. Lauri Torni - The definition of a warrior
  53. KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America
  54. The myth of the German War machine
  55. Combat High – A Brief But Sobering History of Drug Use in Wartime
  56. Vietnam war
  57. German Afghanistan WW1 mission
  58. The Evolution of the American West; Robert Redford's The West
  59. The Pattern 1853 Enfield cartridge and the Historiography of the “Greased cartridge"
  60. Many untold stories about the Indian Army in WW1
  61. William Kentridge - Remembering Black Africans in the Great War
  62. Interesting little titbit on German helmet production
  63. XM607 Falklands' Most Daring Raid
  64. German gear pushed to the limits
  65. WWII : FREIES INDIEN ( Hitler's Free Indian Legion)
  66. The autobiograghy of Omar Ibn Said ( African Muslim slave in the Carolinas US)
  67. Africa Blood and Guts 1966 (Africa Addio)
  68. The Neue Wache
  69. JULY 1942 SAS in the Sahara
  70. Sergeant Reckless of the Korean War
  71. Why remembrance of Indian soldiers who fought for the British in World War II is so political
  72. DOCUMENTARY: History of the Indian Wars and Indians ( American)
  73. Kit carried by English / British soldiers over the last 1 000 years; Hastings to Helmand 2014
  74. This Day in History U.S. Army massacres Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee
  75. 80 years ago, 9 April 1940, German invasion of Norway
  76. The Cold War - TV series
  77. Nazi Germany and why it could never win a war - Goring: The Iron Man.
  78. Britain’s Abandoned Black Soldiers
  79. Hans-Ulrich Rudel
  80. Kleines Kettenkraftrad
  81. “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?” The greatest antislavery oration ever given
  82. The Holocaust The New York Times Ignored
  83. St James massacre
  84. Soldiers Stories Northern Ireland
  85. Enfield Pattern 1853 rifle-musket
  86. Native Americans
  87. Who were the most peaceful conquerors in history?
  88. Gunpowder and Rocket Technology in Medieval India
  89. INDIA and The WORLD WARS
  90. Browning High Power Capitan value
  91. Prussians of the Orient