View Full Version : People murdered by other means.

  1. Cop kills himself and family without firearm
  2. Trio set alight for not having money
  3. Scissors killing after domestic spat
  4. Holy crap!! Mass stabbing in Calgary
  5. Just found this - Williston Farm Murder
  6. Because mass murders can't happen if we don't have guns, right?
  7. Woman Murdered
  8. DA woman murdered in NWest home
  9. Pub owner held for hacking death
  10. Student begged for help minutes before dying
  11. Eldery couple attacked
  12. Three matrics stabbed to death at party
  13. SA's Top Vet Murdered
  14. Bryanston couple murdered at home 2015-01-16
  15. Another family left fatherless
  16. Father dies, family injured in Silverfields
  17. Brutal attack on PE student
  18. Principal hacked to death
  19. Graphic - Man brutally tortured then beaten to death
  20. Well-known couple beaten and stabbed to death
  21. Manhunt after Ekurhuleni metro cop shot dead while fishing
  22. Musgrave woman fatally stabbed in home invasion
  23. Rodora family massacre: 4 killed
  24. Mother and children killed, husband missing
  25. Double murder on Margate beach over girl
  26. 4x4 Community Member's wife murdered
  27. Man murdered with a raincoat
  28. Woman brutally murdered in KZN
  29. Alberton pub attack - man killed with pool cue