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  1. "Firefight!" An analysis of the 1986 Miami shootout...
  2. Resident fires at intruders
  3. Boston Marathon: WWYD?
  4. For those who think carrying spare mags is a unnecessary schlep
  5. Church Armed Security Albuquerque (VICE)
  6. Man fires 37 rounds from an AK at police officers
  7. Why Low Ready isn't really
  8. Old Malmesbury rd
  9. Almost forced off the road
  10. Basic load out
  11. Russia: Shoplifter shoots & kills 3 security guards
  12. A nice CCW video , reality check
  13. Are we overly cautious about the use or misuse of a FA to protect our property?
  14. Did I react correctly?
  15. Volunteer needed...
  16. When in Thailand ......
  17. If one has to discharge his weapon in a car
  18. Near Miss Safety Reporting
  19. Shooting an unarmed accomplice??
  20. Post-shooting advice
  21. Shootout between armed civilian and armed bad guy.....and you (armed) drive by??
  22. Shootout between armed civilian and armed bad guy.....and you (armed) drive by??
  23. Hi-Jacking close call
  25. CPF member using firearm on patrol
  26. Road closed by protestors
  27. Kyle Defoor on Mindset
  28. Good and crap trainers - who is who?!
  29. Possible scenario outcome
  30. Back of a bakkie
  31. Hijack with family in the car - what to do?
  32. Growing confidence in my SD capability
  33. Staying focussed and safe - a reflection after a vehicle accident last night
  34. Principals of Self Defense - Jeff Cooper
  35. Hijack victim kills attacker
  36. What Are You Training For? by Chris Sajnog
  37. Armed robber vs store clerk war vet
  38. Do you recommend all gun owner to go for training
  39. The Peter Soulis Incident
  40. Potential Scenario: Getting robbed at gunpoint, BGs in car, you're on foot
  41. Scenario: Breakdown at night
  42. Lesson: do not get cornered, even on wheels.
  43. Princess needs to grow a pair :-P - OC Spray
  44. Terrorists and Shopping Malls
  45. Best way to survive a home invasion, unarmed. What would you do?
  46. I am getting really tired of Taxis
  47. Ambush at business
  48. Experiences and Outcomes of Engaging with BG’s - by: Hein Rabie
  49. Farm Attack/Robbery my experience
  50. Attempted highjack in Table View
  51. Beer bottles under tyres
  52. New trend in USA
  53. House alarm went off 04h00 this morning
  54. Just a bad situation (Hijacking in Jhb CBD)
  56. Armed carjacker meets armed citizen
  57. Why do some people have such an "I am safe" complex?
  58. Woman beats up robber :)
  59. Hijacking Fail - Braamfontein
  60. old school training
  61. First Person Defender
  62. SAP running spare mags?
  63. Offence or Defence?
  64. Violence
  65. Toppie fights off BGs
  66. Springs ATM bombing footage
  67. Home owner thought it was the end
  68. A sticky situation indeed...
  69. Officer shoots knife wielding accident victim
  70. Pawn shop gets robbed
  71. SA SWAT Ops on SO.org.
  72. Someone... ON the house?
  73. Knife fight footage from Newlands East
  74. Are you a soft target?
  75. Self defence schools/organisations list
  76. They do come back..
  77. An email I received a few minutes ago.
  78. Insane knife attack
  79. Scenario
  80. Snce no one reads the stickies...
  81. How about this
  82. My folks had some visitors at 14:00 on Saturday.
  83. Carjacking: How not to become a victim
  84. cover vs concealment article
  85. Incident in George - victim shot with own firearm
  86. AR Officer incident-Johannesburg
  87. Hijacking tight spots
  88. 'Happy-sticks' and Home defense
  89. At least Zombies aren't real
  90. Late night visitors
  91. "Elliot Rodger's Revenge"
  92. Someone wants to take your concealed carry weapon.
  93. Bike robbery caught on GoPro
  94. Carry your damn gun!
  95. Outdraw a drawn gun
  96. Force used for self defense
  97. Shooting BG in the back while opening your safe
  98. Tricky scenario thats got me rattled a bit
  99. Could have turned out another way - but did not
  100. When the alarm goes off at zero-dark thirty....
  101. Walk the talk
  102. What would you have done?
  103. Harrowing story
  104. Raid on your home/business
  105. All-out ass-woopin'!
  106. The Bloem KFC incident
  107. Pre-emptively immobilising or killing some of multiple attackers
  108. Alberton spar robbery
  109. Where do you draw the line? by Kathy Jackson. Great read
  110. Have you ever been in a DGU situation ?
  111. Targetting the help
  112. armed robbery Total garage Reeds
  113. Break-in at a colleague's house yesterday
  114. apple istore The Glen robbery
  116. Restaurant Heist Scenario
  117. Telkom store in Kolonnade centre (Pta North) - Armed robbery
  118. St Louis knife wielding guy shot
  119. Neighbourhood Watch
  120. Rethinking the 21-foot rule
  121. Would you take this shot??
  122. Tactics for vehicle protection
  123. Road Rage , What do we do?
  124. What a shot!
  125. Understanding criminal bevahiour
  126. "I'm in fear for my life!"
  127. Yard gate gets closed
  128. Disparity of force
  129. Unwanted Visitors Last Night
  130. How to be in a safer place
  131. No gun? A medieval spear will do
  132. Home Defense - Floorplan for tactical advice
  133. Never out of the fight
  134. Officer Jared Reston / Attidute is everything
  135. Accident witnessed this weekend
  136. Gunfighter Moment - Larry Vickers
  137. Taking A Long Gun Shopping
  138. Tactical Entering and Exiting Home
  139. Power Out Paranoia
  140. OR Tambo heist
  141. Scenario: BG's split up a couple
  142. Gunfighter Moment - Pat McNamara
  143. Bike Hijack caught on gopro
  144. Temple Indexing / High Vertical Ready - an intertesting concept.
  145. Vehicle Hijack scenario.
  146. criminal mindset, It’s time we all stop playing good little victims
  147. High jacking close to Rooikraal range
  148. A bit sensationalist, but they raise some good points.
  149. Choices, choices...
  150. Off hand safety release when dominant hand is incapacitated
  151. equipment and plans fo south fast when pushed hard
  152. SWAT team procedure
  153. Break in shooting - USA
  154. How would you handle this one
  155. Soweto Riots..
  156. Earning Your Draw
  157. WARNING, GRAPHIC! NFSV. Machete Attack.
  158. Murdered farm couple tortured for hours, court hears
  159. Unwanted Visitors
  160. Hijacking outside home in Mayfair Rd
  161. video of sbv guards fighting fire with fire
  162. Pelvic shooting
  163. Interesting post DGU interview
  164. Road rage incident - Atlas road, Benoni
  165. Instability In Kzn
  166. A looting scenario at home
  167. Knife weak side carry
  168. My wife and my handgun
  169. Gone in 28 seconds
  170. Scary close call last night
  171. Road Rage. How to deal with it?
  172. Hijacking victims who defended themselves successfully
  173. Motorcycle defense / tactics
  174. Dad will face charge of murder after Bonaero road rage death
  175. EWN anti hijacking tips
  176. Armed robbery and murder
  177. Shoot or Drive?
  178. Dog poisoned
  179. I think you should all see result of old post S/D .22 for wife and result.
  180. WWII pistol training and tactics
  181. Driving around in nature.
  182. Delmas robbery footage
  183. My Grandfather got shot
  184. Close encounter of the dangerous kind
  185. Learn Combat Hunter profiling
  186. Concealment is not the same as cover.
  187. House Robbery
  188. What to do in this situation?
  189. Drug Zombie in McD's.
  190. Mag reloads. Left or right thumb?
  191. Mindset vs Hardware
  192. My stupid confrontaion of the day
  193. Walked in on an armed robbery - SIL
  194. Domestic Violence: Marine Drive, PE today
  195. Problems at the Farm
  196. FIRST AID: How to treat a gunshot wound
  197. Road Rage
  198. What to do in an active shooter situation - article
  199. Vision under Stress.
  200. More good advice from Ken Hackathorn
  202. Run Hide Tell (because there's effal else you can apparently) vs Run Hide Fight
  203. SHTF prep / Combat drills ?
  204. Mexican Marines and El Chapo goons shootout.
  205. VIDEO - Capetown Traffic Officer ambushed while serving ticket
  206. AIWB lying on stomach
  207. Intruder in your home - Shoot first, questions later?
  208. Staying safe during student protests
  209. Bulletproof vest spares man’s life
  210. The Paris attacks from a medical perspective
  211. Unusual but MMmmm ? maybe self defense tactic
  212. Farm Attack - Semi Possitive Ending
  213. Abduction tactic
  214. Drawing at the Right Moment
  215. Robbery at local convenience store
  216. Intervening in a violence situation.
  217. farm attack and moving forward
  218. New tactic to get farmers out their homes
  219. House invasion technique -specifically N/Suburbs Cape Town
  220. Robbers caught on the farm today.
  221. Profiling house robbers – why a dog beats electric fences - Article
  222. Never draw on a drawn firearm?
  223. Shooting an armed robber when he's not armed...
  224. Massad Ayoob: Gunfighting Fact vs. Fiction
  225. Shooting with gloves
  226. Farm / House Attack
  227. Grove mall attempted robbery
  228. Mnandi plot attack
  229. Real life round counts
  230. What about the driver?
  231. Shrek on vehicle tactics
  232. OWNED - woman wins
  233. BCM: Ending Gunfights vs Making Noise
  234. Mugging gone (very) wrong.
  235. The finger and sweeping oneself.
  236. EDC - Vehicle "carry"
  237. Urban ops: Megacities
  238. Spur robbed by 12 armed robbers
  239. Robbery: Eldoraigne Village shopping center
  241. Angry Mobs and the like
  242. Barber shop robbery gone wrong
  243. Be careful what you wish for shooting in USA, tec 9 vs handgun
  244. US Cop deals with 2 vicious dogs
  245. There were five of them...
  246. Please save me from myself...
  247. Protest action - R549 outside Heidelberg Gauteng
  248. Fake police SAPS again
  249. It's been 6 days
  250. Realistic self-protection