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  1. Morning Antics
  2. Farm attack Sannieshof
  3. Restaurant robberies and edc. Whats the move?
  4. Complex Gates
  5. Tom Givens on entertrainment
  6. Shoot to the ground
  7. KNOW your local ambulance service
  8. A Dark night of Beekeeping, Dust. Hollow Points, Retention and SAPS
  9. Woman fights off gun wielding attackers
  10. Cell phone robbery in mellville
  11. How fast it really happens car hijack
  12. SAPS member attacked with a hammer
  13. Cape Flats shooting
  14. Possible aggressive dog scenario
  15. Resist with all you have
  16. House invasion prep...
  17. The Cost of NOT Killing
  18. Anti-Hijack course.
  19. Action report
  20. NEARLY CODE RED, but embarrassed none the less
  21. Burglary at neighbours house.
  22. Old video clip but valid lessons
  23. Home burglary interrupted - cautionary tale.
  24. Invaded while in your garden
  25. Knife defense training recommendations
  26. Reaction time and the prepared mindset
  27. South Africa - the consequences of a defensive shooting situation
  29. Natal Spa- violent protests- an unfortunate start to my long awaited holiday
  30. In case you forgot how quickly things can escalate - US Cop bodycam
  31. lady charged with murder
  32. Tactical shooting coach.
  33. Personal experience and what you learned
  34. Larry at the movies
  35. Self Defense Durban
  36. Port Elizabeth Self Defence Training
  37. Drawing in your car
  38. Help needed to choose whether to trade in my shotgun and Rollie for a pistol
  39. Hijacking by "fake cops"
  40. The Devil Drill
  41. They tried. He showed them. Lonehill.JHB. –Gauteng Provincial Police Board
  42. Attempted carjacking this morning in Randfontein
  43. One dead in shoot-out between police and robbers in Westville- This morning
  44. Attempted hijacking dashcam footage
  45. Attempted attack by a dog on our premises today
  46. Bringing a knife to a gunfight
  47. The difference between RSA and Australia
  48. Man Attempts to Murder Lakemoor Police Officer; Gets Smoked
  49. Man killed while trying to detain hit & run suspects (USA)
  50. Protecting other people's property
  51. Draw and escalate, or comply and lose?
  52. Tactical black versus cammo
  53. Armed woman fights back
  54. Hijacker shot dead by Joburger responding to calls for help
  55. Marine disarms Seattle protesters armed with stolen police AR-15s
  56. Near Miss
  57. How to Spot a Bad Guy
  58. Mindset
  59. Smash and grab at fountain circle