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  1. Theft of car radio
  2. My experience
  3. Training
  4. learning experiance
  5. Man Murdered at Shooting Range
  6. found this on you tube
  7. Unarmed training
  8. Car breakdown scenario
  9. Alive after the attack...What now??
  10. International Training, who been where?
  11. complete the scenario 1
  12. complete the scenario 2
  13. complete the scenario 3
  14. Community Watch...Are you involved and what do you do?
  15. How to disarm an Attacker?
  16. Scenario 4, think like a police member
  17. Armed Response Security Companies : How good are they?
  18. Has anybody done a survival course?
  19. Rules for Gun Fighting ( A little bit of fun & thought )
  20. Any trainers out there had this kind of difficulty with new students?
  22. Tunnel Vision
  23. Mental Prep
  24. Foreign city Scenario 5
  25. moulding your battlefield
  26. PSD low profile vs high profile
  27. Tactical Suppliers and Training Providers
  28. Book Club!
  29. Scenario 6
  30. Scenario 7
  31. Manual safeties
  32. Stolen Firearms / Safeguarding
  33. Stun 'Devices'...Is this a viable alternative for Self Defence?
  34. Pepper Spray - Pro's vs Cons
  35. Scenario 8 - Road Rage
  36. How do you deal with the Press?
  37. Real Self-defence
  38. This happened to my father on Sunday night
  39. Five Rules for Concealed Carry
  40. MOVED: Carry Etiquette
  41. Real shooting incident
  42. Scenario 9 Snakes on a plane!
  43. carry in a motor vehicle
  44. How well trained in the average thug?
  45. scenario 10
  46. Inspiring story with a couple of lessons
  47. What was the plan of action and tactics?
  48. armed robbers in your house
  49. Contact and Cover
  50. Awareness
  51. Is there Tactical value in Ported/Comped/Hybrid barrels?
  52. Overpowered and shot with your own gun...
  53. terrorism end states
  54. Man killed with his own gun on N1
  55. Fighting with handguns in and around cars.
  56. Failure to stop drills
  57. SD situation - your opinions.
  58. Your home your Castle, your body your Fortress - by abhm
  59. TTP's Tactics techniques and procedures
  60. Magpul Training Video set
  61. Carbine Courses anyone?
  62. Concealment of firearm while sleeping?
  63. Should we be paranoid?
  64. refelctive tape on your gun
  65. The Role of Physical Fitness Ability in SD Training
  66. I need your help please! I think the bad guys are coming back!!!
  67. STF Robbery Take Down Video
  68. Home owner shot during home invasion robbery
  69. At what point can you draw?
  70. Video of Bad Armed Robbery in Nashville
  71. sniper kill
  72. Watched the Magpul DVD set today...all 4 hours!
  73. Scenario...Mall Robbery in Progress
  74. "Listening to Katrina"
  75. Transporting a 'VIP'...are you above the law?
  76. Awareness all important for Self Defense
  77. The importance of accuracy!
  78. Edged weapon 21 foot rule
  79. REALITY CHECK! distancesat which shooting happen
  80. Farm attack news report - multiple shooters from outside house situation
  81. How does one become a VIP?
  82. The private security provider....where do they fit in the picture?
  83. Home invasion questions...
  84. Attacked by OC
  85. Carrying of spare mags.
  86. ARTICLE - Attributes: Aggression!
  87. Trigger Freeze
  88. Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS). Is there a need?
  89. Carry knife fixed blade or folder?
  90. In traffic robbery
  91. Armed response - how to prepare for arrival
  92. My AD experience
  93. Another "stopping-power" failure
  94. MOVED: Disarming law abiding citizens
  95. Defensive handgunning
  96. To RAM or not to RAM your vehicle.
  97. The South African Driver.....Good or Bad.....
  98. Keep that defensive blade handy!!!
  99. Can you shoot somebody in the back in self defence?
  100. Urban Tactical Weapons, ’Expect the unexpected’ - by Morné Swanepoel
  101. Why I Carry a Gun
  102. Do you train realistically?
  103. Home invasion scenarios by Suarez
  104. Home invasion, a hypothetical story! - by SWATG
  105. your gun goes down, your in the fight, no back up what now?
  106. Weapon fixation
  107. Police 'brutality'
  108. Hijacked for an escape car
  109. signs used by criminals to indicate targets
  110. A Challenge for the "empty chamber" club
  111. One eye , or both?
  112. Being Ambidextrous
  113. Cash in transit?
  114. The oldman & the bicycle
  115. Position SUL!
  116. should you be packing?
  117. Variations on Standard Grips!
  118. Action Report Man Magnum May'09 - Yor comments?
  119. The Importance of Controlled Aggression
  120. Street Muggings
  121. 21 foot rule
  122. Another day another home invasion
  123. Combatives interview with Kelly McCann
  124. The difference between self-defence and murder
  125. Shots to the pelvic area
  126. Some notes from Suarez on FOF
  127. how to shoot a friend
  128. 'Speed Lunge'
  129. Carrying a Knife.....
  130. Universal Principles of Combat (by Gabe Suarez)
  131. The Capacity for Violence
  132. Movement and Cover drill/previsualization
  133. Night attack
  134. Man steps in to safe life of cop..
  135. attack scenarios
  136. Residential robberies and attacks
  137. Jo'burg: 3 vs Joe
  138. tricky scenario
  139. ATM Defence (Tony Blauer)
  140. "Myths" of the well aimed shot
  141. You see your car being stolen
  142. attempted rape and lethal force
  143. jumpers
  144. Robbery-When to act.
  145. 4:30 am this morning...
  146. Dog attacks
  147. Roadside attack
  148. Armed poachers
  149. Security Guards
  150. a curveball scenario for all to ponder
  151. MOVED: How has crime effected you in S.A?
  152. Within the Confines of Your Car!!
  153. Head Shots
  154. Tactical Reload Methods
  155. 'One Gun, No Hands'
  156. Options
  157. Something to consider...are you ready?
  158. Madman on the street - what would you do?
  159. What to do if you see a car being stolen
  160. Myth Busters.....
  161. AD's and ND's
  162. Training Community Watch Teams goes a long way
  163. Incedents, Scenarios
  164. Winning vs. Surviving?
  165. Hijacking, my neighbour, last night.
  166. Collection of drills, standards and training exercises
  167. Looking Cool
  168. When when when...!
  169. From Suarez International – Warrior Talk News - Groundfighting
  170. Armed robberies
  171. Scenario based on recent incedent.
  172. anybody here shot anyone before?
  173. Using peper spray - Road rage - Where do i stand?
  174. Pat Rogers on CCW choice
  175. Shooting angle, direction, position, understanding
  176. What to do?
  177. Good for a laugh...
  178. Vigilance in Traffic
  179. Bar shootout on video
  180. Armed citizen shootings: the Chris Bird collection
  181. Concealed means 'concealed'
  182. This weekend
  183. Shooting in the states
  184. Grabbing a gun- live fire tests
  185. adding more to your tactical toolbox the role of your Dog!
  186. MOVED: Living with gun free neighbours...
  187. 'I need cops'...
  188. Almost Robbed in broad daylight
  189. Not allowing yourself to be taken somewhere else by BG's
  190. Clear Minded and Prepared
  191. Double Taps: The False Idol
  192. Odd Job’s Gunshot Thread
  193. POLL: How often do you carry?
  194. And so we enter the Season of Giving....
  195. Ammo used in training courses
  196. My pacifist family
  197. almost hijacked at Malboro drive.
  198. Tactical made practical
  199. Am I over doing it?
  200. Great Article from One of our Own.
  201. Another 'Eye-Opener'
  202. Robbed Saturday afternoon, in the Middle of the Day ...... SHOCKED!!!!
  203. Would you say my home is secure
  204. R21 Highway Tembisa to Nelmapius, confirmed Modus Operandi
  205. Attack of the Zombies (or xenophobic style mob uprising)
  206. Besieged KZN farmers: Ideas for their protection
  207. What exactly does "tactical" mean?
  208. Predicting a complete collapse of society (total anarchy)
  209. interviews with criminals
  210. hijacking footage!
  211. BOLO Centurion
  212. using an israeli bandage youtube
  213. Intruder in my garage
  214. Sport gun for HD
  215. Police shooting video
  216. Being safe outside while having fun.
  217. Farm House Defence
  218. Need any more reasons to carry one up?
  219. Fake blood-clotting products
  220. Legal CCW...bank robbery in progress...
  221. Armed citizen assists cops with arrest of suspect.
  222. Home invasion last night in Northcliff
  223. The Three Disciplines!
  224. Burning cd's?
  225. Response time
  226. Road Rage Incident.
  227. Drunk idiot with a knife.
  228. TEOTWAWKI real life experience - FFT
  229. lessons from combat
  230. bag snatcher FAIL!!
  231. Superb after-action report by Massad Ayoob: "The Retired Marine"
  232. Running suspect get deflated
  233. AAR - First hand account of U.S. shooting
  234. Attack on GSer Landlady
  235. Correct way to arrest a terrorist.
  236. Attempted murder - A friends lucky escape!
  237. Importance of concealed camera's.
  238. Why Good Guys draw faster in gunfights.
  239. Things that can go Wrong!
  240. Body Language and Threat Recognition
  241. World's best tactical trainers.
  242. Combat Accuracy by Roger Phillips
  243. G23 works after being struck by 9mm
  244. Carrying something less than ideal
  245. Attempted Hijacking
  246. Security guard training
  247. 'Gangstas and Guns'
  248. Independent Report on the Oakland, Calif. PD Murders
  249. Lessons from Chile?
  250. BUGs..