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  1. Quote of the Day!
  2. SAGA
  3. Boiling Frogs.
  4. A discussion on Religion, Politics and the blue light tear aways!
  5. Legal action against CFR
  6. Sooooo, d'you guys ever meet eyeball to eyeball?
  7. Another Question for the Mods
  8. Re-Thread : Is SAGA / GOSA / BGOASA / etc effective?
  9. E-TV Morning Show Monday
  10. Is this the FCA?
  11. Blank Firing Guns
  12. Hunting season to be open for ever
  13. Evaluating Britain's handgun ban by Colin Greenwood
  14. Black Gun Owners plan march in Durban for June
  15. Competion Comision
  16. Interdicting the FCA final implementation
  17. Heads up. Cape Talk, 10 June
  18. How to understand antis - C1S1
  19. How to understand Antis - C1S2
  20. How to understand Antis - C2S1
  21. How to understand Antis - C2S2
  22. How to understand Antis - Read first!!!
  23. GOSA interdict ---> Gov being sneaky
  24. Draft GOSA press release on the SA Hunter's case
  25. Firearm Control Act on hold, Hunters win their case. No more deadline
  26. Give our Guns Back!
  27. Latest SAPS Directive; Post courtcase.
  28. How to keep your gun if not renewed...
  29. MOVED: Sandton shooting
  30. MOVED: Need to buy a new Rifle.
  31. new opportunity to discuss gun issues
  32. Guns handed in since 2004 -the real figures.
  33. Dir Bothma out?
  34. More scary ZUMA Sh1t
  35. Important - Compensation Court Case - 31 August
  36. 200 Million Guns in the USA Are Statistically Less Lethal Than an Ice Cube
  37. From the South African Firearm Forum
  38. To: Fellow gunowners of South Africa. From GOSA.
  39. SAGA and the JASA case
  40. GOSA Media Statement - 17 September 2009 - Licensed to Kill
  41. 21 September International Gun Free Day
  42. New Peter Moss article at the Richmark Sentinel
  43. The perception of firearms owners in South Africa! Consolidating the victories i
  44. ANC blames civilian owned guns for the high crime rate
  45. How many guns do you require to protect yourself and hunt animals with?
  46. The failure of firearm registration
  47. The FCA is a racist evil
  48. MOVED: Shooting angle, direction, position, understanding
  49. FINALLY something from SAGA
  50. Make your voice heard on "too many guns"
  51. Peter Moss - "The social value of firearm ownership"
  52. MOVED: Dad killed by robbers in front of 13year old son
  53. Zuma silent on 'communist plot'
  54. MOVED: German players to wear bullet proof vests in South Africa
  55. Zuma wants your gun
  56. Public relations
  57. If Zuma has his way - SD will still be possible
  58. How about Licensing Non-Gun owners?
  59. Back to the dark ages by Wayne G
  60. MALEMA!!!! vs DA
  61. The Firearms Control Act - Some personal views
  62. Sad news from my friend
  63. The FCA is only the start
  64. What is wrong with the FCA
  65. MOVED: Thunder City Electric Lightning went down at Overberg Airforce Base
  66. Research
  67. Compensation Notice
  68. MOVED: Promotion - Woo hoo!
  69. Replies of the Gunsite Posse
  70. My call to Natalie Jaynes
  71. Gareth Cliff on facebook
  72. Never give up hope
  73. de Vos - Reply Richmark
  74. Good law and service we must demand
  75. The contest for colour
  76. Lessons from Brazil
  77. The Politics of Distraction
  78. Why BGOASA
  79. A point of view I can agree with
  80. Dogs running loose
  81. Who's next?
  82. Animal Cruelty - WTF is going on?!?!?!
  83. Tobias on his soapbox - 24/12/2009
  84. Tobias on his soapbox - 28/12/2009
  85. An event
  86. What do firearm owners deserve?
  87. Do you want to win?
  88. Image
  89. Marketing basics
  90. E-TV Sunrise Morning show 2010-01-22
  91. The magic wand
  92. The way to win
  93. The Final Steps: Gunlaws
  94. What does it mean?
  95. The magic wand, a solution?
  96. Come to South Africa
  97. Paper links Malema to fraud probe
  98. The President's Magic Wand
  99. Give me one bloody good reason ..........
  100. Politics and politicians, what the hells the point?
  101. It's all in the name......
  102. Trying to help out
  103. Yee-HA!
  104. International vs local costs
  105. SAPS even BS-ing Parliament?
  106. Negotiating with the SAPS
  107. How to convince a gun owner to be a GFSA supporter
  108. The Decoy Theory
  109. Lies, damn lies, and more lies
  110. Well done the Posse!
  111. What Civil Collapse Looks Like
  112. Some things PI*S me off a bit more than others!
  113. Posse - Some help needed please
  114. Anti blood sport, meat, hunters, criminals and whatever else you like
  115. Blue Light baas teds...again!
  116. Applause to Gunsite SA!!!!!!!!!!
  117. The Gautrain
  118. Road blocks
  119. Congratulations to SAGA
  120. Of bolied frogs and things
  121. GFSA's Latest Offering
  122. I'm puzzled. Exactly what does a licence get?
  123. Dictatorship 101 with Gunsite bonus question!
  124. No longer voting ANC
  125. Minding ones p's and q's.
  126. Almost arrested this morning
  127. Are we starting to out-whinge the poms?
  128. Firearm Licence: Good news for future licensing!!! 2
  129. The greasy pole of dehumanisation
  131. Sneaky governments!!
  132. New FCA ammendments enacted
  133. PE's Ballistic Unit FUBAR
  134. **Posse Call up** /Are you safe in a Gun Free Zone?
  135. @sshole of the month
  136. Bisley Forum
  137. What affect has the FCA had on crime?
  138. Who loses more guns, civilians or the state?
  139. Guess...
  140. Conspiracy's
  141. Why?
  142. where to from here
  143. SA 'on verge of being dysfunctional'
  144. Hawks independence ‘insufficient’
  145. Face to face shooting in Bahrain
  146. Jack,Dave99,CF and now CharlesT against the world
  147. Jim Zumbo and Dana Snyman
  148. Come Back, Colonialism, All Is Forgiven
  149. EDC and age groups
  150. Voter apathy!
  151. Is There A Place for "White Pride"?
  152. Affirmative Action
  153. Zimbabwe closer than we think?
  154. SA gets worst possible ratings - report
  155. Pay your Eskom bill or else..
  156. The sickening smell of 'revolution'
  158. African Village Uses Tech to Fight Off Rape Cult
  159. Sacrilege!
  160. The FCA is not our only problem
  161. A Single Organisation?
  162. When will the 'real' policemen and women step forward?
  163. Our heroes are tired.....
  164. The latest from our future president
  165. All civilians will to forced to hand in all firearms?
  166. In case you have forgotten the true purpose of the FCA
  167. Firearm re-licensing deadline come and gone.
  168. ranting about services by legal team
  169. Comment: Dangerous Weapons Draft Bill
  170. Where were you 10 years ago?
  171. I'm getting that sinking feeling again
  172. Namibia, land of milk and honey?
  173. Watts speaks out against 'secrecy bill'
  174. The truth regarding the Walkerville massacre
  175. Joel the Hermit
  176. My Internet Community
  177. Another painful divorce
  178. My lewe in die skaaptrop / My life in the sheep herd
  179. The price of freedom
  180. Propaganda machine at work
  181. This is not a good year for dictators
  182. Courts can't be superior, Zuma says
  183. Troops must pay towards a general's retirement present
  184. Time to get a dog
  185. ANC slams 'Black Tuesday' protest
  186. Officers arrested for alleged kidnapping
  187. ConCourt decisions to be 'assessed' (For F a n n i e ;-)
  188. A must-read
  189. Ferfal on Argentina
  190. Secrecy Bill
  191. Do We Really Have To Prepare For The Fourth Box?
  192. The Xinjiang Procedure
  193. SA, Cuba formalise defence cooperation
  194. Let them eat cake...
  195. It's all about setting an example...
  196. The mystical nature of the Indian South African
  197. You lazy intellectuals
  198. The strange birth of NY’s gun laws
  199. VIP cops fight eviction
  200. Tin foil hat stuff,or does it/could it almost make sense if you want to believe......
  201. From GFSA
  202. On government
  203. Speech by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi .........'n moet lees.....
  204. Trump hunt: Bloody stupid
  205. What are we, stupid?
  206. ANC: A Wounded Predator in a Snare
  207. Ben Franklin was a very wise man....
  208. Derbyshire
  209. Our future..?
  210. From the babes' mouths
  211. A debate?
  212. Farm Attacks In South Africa
  213. Rights vs Entitlements
  214. Inquiry wanted into 'rotten' police
  215. “Without a firearm or any physical weapon, you caused the deaths of thousands."
  216. Absolute Sheer Genius - Wow, these people run the country
  217. "634 police officers arrested since September 2010." ~ Comm' Petros
  218. ANC will lose power: Moeletsi Mbeki
  219. 26 top cops purged in shock move
  220. South Africa’s new security laws - who will they protect?
  221. Multichoice Office (Randburg) and Guns +1
  222. New Crimeline radio advertisment
  223. Paranoid… or is someone out to get us?
  224. Protests are spiralling, study finds
  225. 94.7 prank this morning
  226. Who needs a license?
  227. The Tokoloshe
  228. US compared S.Africa's ANC to apartheid regime: WikiLeaks
  229. No tax, no vote for expats – ANC London
  230. Tobacco laws vs "rights",familiar?
  231. ANC rule ‘over by 2024’
  232. Hate Speech Charge Brought Against Lamola...
  233. We -Yanks- Have a LOT of Guns. (Yeah but)
  234. Academic: ANC able to destroy SA
  235. Piers Morgan is an asshole!
  236. Dear White People of SA...
  237. Gun Control FTW
  238. proof that that the lawless injoy more legal protection than the law abiding
  239. central banks and wall street insiders rapidly preparing for a collapse?
  240. Comments in threads!!!
  241. ANC Youth League Military Training
  242. Zille urged to drop police probe
  243. Increasing post counts with introductions
  244. Land reform obsession 'wasted money'
  245. The silent invasion....
  246. SNI & The Peoples Manifesto
  247. Racist Taiwanese Animation of Lonmin Shooting
  248. Matt Bracken: When The Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence
  249. GFSA at it again
  250. Political assasinations and the "party"