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    Default Stars in the Sky: A Hunting Story

    If you have Netflix and loved the MeatEater series with Steven Rinella then I recommend watching his documentary film, "Stars in the Sky: A Hunting Story".

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    Default Re: Stars in the Sky: A Hunting Story

    Wow thanks for this holdingthezero.

    Will definitely check it out.

    I am looking forward to season 9 of the MeatEater series which should be available in the next week or two.

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    Default Re: Stars in the Sky: A Hunting Story

    we watched stars in the sky last night. not a bad documentary. Was very interesting to hear the progression of hunting and conservation etc. Was interesting to hear the different views on hunting as well. But it's one of those debates / discussions that will go on until we die so I try not to get caught up with peoples views.

    Will keep an eye out for meat eater

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