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    Inyathi Air Rifle club is hosting Champion of Champions 2020 on Saturday 10 August at Inyathi Air Rifle club North of Pretoria.
    This is an annual competition for Air Rifle enthusiasts. Floating trophy and trophy's for each catagory.
    We have opened the competition for 2 classes this year: Sub 12 ftlb power level and sub 20ftlb power level.
    The competition consists of 4 catagories:
    Field Target : 20 targets
    Metal silhouette: 20 shots
    Bench rest: 20 shots
    Grouping: 10 shots from a bench + 10 shots free style unsupported.
    The winner will be determined from total scores for all 4 catagories.

    Anyone interested can contact me on the contact details provided on the attached.
    ENTRY FORM on-line at :
    First 40 entries will be accepted based on the time stamp on the entry.

    Entries limited to 40 participants. We still have a few spots open. Entries close on 4 October.
    Pre entry required. Please contact me for for payment details if you wish to do an EFT.

    Covid regulations will apply. Please bring a mask.
    Registration and covid procedures will start from around 08:00
    Shooters briefing will start at 09:30. Note a sighting range will be available from around 08:00 to 09:30 to check your rifle.
    Shooting will start at 10:00

    Coordinates: -25.495019, 28.225820

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    Cape Town ?

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    Are you sure about the date? 10 August, shouldn't it be 10 October maybe?

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    Entry form date is 12 October with entries closing 4 October.

    Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 09.00.13.jpg

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    Sorry. My mistake. Comp is on Saturday 10 October. Cant edit the post.

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