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    One of my favourite things about growing older is the increasing wisdom. Turning 30 more than a decade ago was a highlight in my life for the simple reasons that I was not a child any more. Turning 40 meant that I stepped into the "Oom" (Uncle / Mr) category. An older woman told me once: "Growing older is fun, but tagging this old body along takes some effort!"
    True words these.

    As long as you can still keep yourself motivated and young in spirit then all is good.
    The body plays up, injuries take longer to heal themselves, ailments start... All a part of our lives and no matter who, something will pop up sometime.

    Some have a short list and others unfortunately get dealt a longer list of challenges to overcome or work with and work through...

    Keep on moving forward albeit a challenge at times.

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    Default Re: How old is old and when are you old or to old?

    I ma 63 , still fit, keep myself busy, wife is an angel but I hate been 63.. But a lot better than the the alternative...

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