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    Default Re: Glock 26 - Gen 3 Accuracy

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    I always shot straight with all my Glocks. Then I had Tennis Elbow surgery for a serious elbow injury that happened a few years back. For 6 months I couldn't shoot a handgun. I then used my Glocks, but in a Roni so that recoil shifts away from my forearm for another 3 months. 6 weeks ago I started shooting again with handgun only. It still hurts, but Docs says is ok. Nothing will tear of again. So now, that same pistols that always shot perfectly straight are shooting way left. (I am right handed.) Have video taped myself and even when concentrating to not flinch, a flinch can still be seen on the video. Short answer - Driver error.

    On a side note, I am frustrated by this. Seriously frustrated. Have tried dry firing a lot and used that fancy things you attach to your gun and shoot on your tablet (the name is not with me now...). Am seriously contemplating to go for decent training again. A competent trainer might help correct the issue that sits between my ears.

    Do you reload ?
    If so, I would try softener rounds.

    Not suggesting you train with it but just to identify the problem.

    If it's due to muscle weakness or pain etc, it should be better with softener rounds.

    If doesn't help, then definately practice practice etc

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    Default Re: Glock 26 - Gen 3 Accuracy

    Its highly likely that your sights are moving when you press the trigger. Do some dryfire practice using a white wall as contrast background. Pull the trigger while keeping your grip pressure up to keep the gun still.

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    First step is to make sure if the firearm is shooting correct. Might have had a knock on sights somewhere.

    First make sure that your sure its not the firearm or ammunition change.

    If those two are ruled out. Then you start to look at the shooter for training to see where a mistake is happening.

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    OP could also just try shoot the shops Glock and see if the same problem happens....

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