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    I don't think I was clear in my post.
    In that area where he was charged with that exists a history. It is not poaching if you one of the mates ( circle of mates).
    live out your imagination , not your history.

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    Default Re: #SafeCitizen Campaign

    Yes I know, I just pm'd you.

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    Nobody is trying to hide anything.

    "McIntosh and his boss, Anwa Dramat, as well as several provincial Heads were pushed out of the Hawks in early 2013, in what has since been generally established as part of the then administration's efforts to hollow out law enforcement agencies. In the same year, Polela, a keen hunter, ran afoul of hunting regulations in his home village of Underberg in KwaZulu-Natal, and was subsequently fined for illegal hunting. He embraced the learning experience as character building, putting the isolated incident behind him and continues, as a keen sport shooter and hunter, to enjoy hunting to this day."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Deal via WhatsApp
    Morning. A security related message important for holders of GREEN firearm licences. The SAPS are planning to challenge the 2009 High Court order of Judge Prinsloo that currently protects YOU as a green licence holder. SAPS want to compel hundreds of thousands of people to 'convert' to white licences in a six-month period. As we have seen with the shambles at CFR and their ability to manage the last 2 amnesties this will be a disaster, potentially leaving many of you in possession of an unlicensed gun at the end of the 6 month grace period. Safe Citizen intends joining the Court case as a friend of the court. We need YOUR affidavit (we will help you to complete it) to carry forward as examples to the Court of what the actual situation is. If you would like to take part in this important process at no cost and no risk please WhatsApp me directly on 076-838-5150. This is urgent. regards,
    Jonathan Deal
    Great to see them joining the fight.

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