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    Default Construction rotary laser level supplier wanted (preferably JHB)

    I'm on the market for a rotary laser level with digital receiver for construction use if there are any JHB based suppliers on forum.
    Budget is around 15k.

    I have my smaller and compact DeWalt crossline laser unit for drywalling, ceilings etc and a Bosch crossline for rougher site works.

    I need another rotary (to be used on vertical and horizontal with 90 degrees option) for longer distance works and set-out.
    Tripod mounted setup with a staff (not critical) and digital detector (a must) is preferable, if no tripod is included it's no issue as I have one from my broken unit.
    The tripod base mount plate and fixing nut should be universal and work on my tripod.

    Preferably JHB based but other centres will be considered if pricing with safe courier transport is competitively priced.

    I am aware of the brands and suppliers, I'm checking here first.

    Drop me a PM with your details if it is your line.

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    Default Re: Construction rotary laser level supplier wanted (preferably JHB)

    Most survey instruments have 5/8 inch thread as standard - tripods included.

    I presume you have all the big names like Leica, Autobuild, Afgen and Optron as possibles. You could get lucky with 2nd hand machines from smaller operators that I have knowledge of. Send me a PM and I can supply names and phone numbers of trustworthy people.

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