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    Quote Originally Posted by zs6hdv View Post
    In America (don't know about here), the cheap Winchester range ammo is known as Winchester White Box. They seem to sometimes use the WMA (I understand, previously WCC) headstamp cases.

    Military ammo is normally loaded using Berdan primers, the case does not have a central flash hole, but rather two smaller off-center holes. The primer is crimped in place to prevent it from coming out in automatic weapons and causing a jam. The primer is not "self contained" like a Boxer primer (containing an anvil in the primer), but the case has the anvil as part of the doppie.

    Military ammo is normally also slightly "hotter" loads, as far as I know.
    AFAIK the US millitary does not use Berdan primed ammo(iirc even the 5.56 ammo is boxer primed).

    Which is ironic as berdan primers were invented in American and is now widely used by European militaries. And the European invented Boxer primer is now widely used by the American LE and Military.

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    Default Re: Ammuntition Shortage

    The circle with a + in the middle that I mentioned is apparently a NATO symbol, and I'm guessing that the 20 means it was made in 2020.

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