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    Default Foresite Solutions - Data and Marketing Analyses.

    Good morning GS family,

    My wife and I are both data specialists who started up our own company focusing on data and marketing analyses using predominantly social media and your website's data to gather information. This will enable your company to see the demographics of the people reaching out to you, what this means is that you can shape how you market your products and services using relatively new technologies from Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and much more. Knowing where people are dropping off your website or losing interest can allow you to correct that, keeping that possible sale. See how people are jumping from Facebook to your website or are talking about, sharing or liking your products in almost Realtime even see negative remarks.

    We do not only just connect our reporting platform to your websites and social media but we gather the data, refine it, and use our technologies to bring out the best possible result for you to work with displayed in a very user friendly interface which you will really love. The potential here is absolutely amazing. Especially information from Facebook and your website, I was blown away when I started developing a solution from what could be done.

    We are also connected into Mailblaze, a South African bulk email product like Mailchimp to create email campaigns and track how people are receiving and responding to it and so much more.

    Other services we do is:

    Bulk address cleaning using the worlds best engine and our experience to bring you accurate results which includes GPS coordinates,

    Data enrichment which connects contact detail, addresses information and much more to your data,

    Internal reports your company requires, such as stock or sales available 24/7.

    What also makes us stand out is that we guarantee a turn around time of these deliveries which will blow you away. Coming from a corporate environment where a simple request can take hours, days or even weeks I saw the need for it to be delivered much faster allowing you to make faster decisions.

    We are fully integrated with popular Microsoft technologies and by connecting your 'Teams' to us, you can do what you need at a drop of hat.

    As we are a start-up ourselves, we are especially looking for small to medium companies to work with but we will be able to assist the big corporates here as well. We want to grow with you and help you into the 4th industrial revolution and I promise you that this does not need to be an expensive journey. Connect with us and allow us to demo you the potential your company could have in reaching people looking your way. It truly is the future.

    All the data we collect is 100% anonymous and will comply with POPI and any files sent back is secured and sent via secured channels giving you peace of mind.

    Please check us out, we'd love to hear from you!

    Happy shooting!
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