GPSA has its annual provincial championships on Saturday and Sunday 4 and 5 September at the Roodepoort International Shooting Range (Cecil Payne). Shooting starts at 08:00 on Saturday and 08:30 on Sunday. The timed events will be on Saturday and Man against Man eliminations probably Saturday afternoon, to be completed Sunday morning.

Events will include stock and pin gun, stock and pin revolver, 9-pin tipover, light rifle, shotgun, .22 Smith. Some of these in semi-auto or manual.

The range is small (range 9 at the far end of the complex), but visitors are welcome. Bring ear muffs and shooting glasses.

Mountain Tactical (MTSC) and GPSA have come in for some criticism on this forum for alleged poor organisation. The club and province have come through some difficult times with loss of shooting ranges, etc. The old guard of the club and province have done a good job keeping things going and have handed things over in good shape to a new guard. Come and see for yourself the state of pin shooting in the province.