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    Default Pre WW1 Mauser rifles

    HI Guys
    I am looking to contact members that really know their mausers. I have two that are PreWW1 but with no makers names. Both have the older rounded stocks and early german proof marks. One is a 9x57 and the other 8x57 I Please contact me.
    mauser 7,7 2.jpg9mm rifle.jpg

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    Default Re: Pre WW1 Mauser rifles

    Please forgive the question if stupid, but subject is of great interest to me, but not yet a dedicated hobby.

    How do you know they Mausers, is it a shape, design or does it have a Mauser stamp ??? You say no makers stamp.
    The Pre WW1 statement, are they date stamped or ??

    I have idea's about the rifles but they do not fall into pre WW1, could you tell us a bit more regarding the basis of your statements.

    Are they K96 actions ?

    Please, questions are not to catch you out, I have just enough know to be interested and not enough to argue.

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    Default Re: Pre WW1 Mauser rifles

    Hi There Nober64

    Give me a shout via PM. I am a SAAACA mauser collector.



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