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    Very nice Chasis.

    I saw over weekend MDT now launched the straight grip elite. You can change angle up to 10 degrees of straight.

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    Default Re: AIM ALPHA Chassis review

    So I eventually got around to ordering one of the AIM Alpha chassis. I might have done so earlier, but they only started recently to offer them for the Lyttleton RSA action.
    (Be careful when ordering any chassis for the RSA, as they were made with different action screw positions. Some were also modified to various extents by their owners. Make sure to verify exactly what you need.)

    When I got it, I removed my barrelled action from the old improvised wooden stock and installed it in the new chassis. Looked good and felt good. However, when I tried to shoot a gong, it seemed to shoot all over the place. All confidence in the rifle and new chassis gone...

    Time to do it properly. So returned the barrelled action to the trusted wooden stock and cleaned all the copper out of the barrel. A few shots and it was back to point of aim at 200m. Swapped it into the chassis again and back to the range. Shot the same type of group as before, just 1,5 MOA low. 6 clicks up and the next shot was in the bullseye. I am impressed. Now to develop a longer-range load and stretch it's legs.

    Let's go Sarel!!!

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