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    Default Kestrel Elite 5700

    Is this really a "must have" item?

    I have seen a few youtube clips of guys using them and even more recently the Kestrel paired with a Bluetooth Range Finder which communicate to each other and give you readings on both devices.

    I dabble in long range and try and stretch my Creedmoor's legs a few times a year, all in the name of good fun. So far managed with a Ranger Finder and Strelok and only ever do it on perfect weather days. I'm not a competitive shooter and don't have the time to get into that yet.

    BUT I love gadgets, especially ones that link to everything else that I have and use. If I could get a Bluetooth belt that told me if my waist was growing, that linked to my watched and my phone and car and my laptop, I would be wearing it .
    Is it going to add any value to the small bit of long range I fiddle with or is it just Strelok on steroids. Would it possibly push me over the edge to do more shooting?

    For those that have it, was it a must buy, a grudge buy or a could have done without it buy?

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    Default Re: Kestrel Elite 5700

    You will not regret buying it. Awesome kit

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