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    Default Sports Adventure Shooting MPU outing 20.02.2021

    Hi all here is an AAR of what we got up to last month.

    Our next outing is this Saturday.

    20.02.2021 Sas MPU Sports Adventure shooting day

    The weekends exercise was planned to catchup with MPU members and train together on their range.
    It was a very early start for all the Gauteng Sassers, we RV’d at the Middleburg Shell Ultra (06:00) where Camo whipped up a bacon and bully beef skottle breakies and BushBoy got most of us coffees. Q, Rutger, Honey Badger, Bush Boy and Camo represented the Funky Town chapter.
    On arrival at Driefontein Farm which has two dedicated valleys as shooting ranges (like on TOP SHOT tv show) the MPU members, Killroy, Bosluis, Shotgun, Lone Ranger and Vrystaat, had already setup a very well prepped camp complete with a designated kitchen tent and braai area. Targets and a range tent with rifle rack were also ready on arrival.

    LEVEL 1’s
    After morning prayer and introductions L1’s started with a very clear briefing which described the farm layout stating there are several camps the neighbouring farms and Loskop reserve boundary were and specifically included instructions such as, “way point one is at a corner where two game fences merge, at the corner of the farm boundary” and so on. Killroy even drew a rudimentary sand layout. Now I suspect the clean fresh farm air and the fact we city slickers were so excited to be ‘op die plaas’ may have clouded some Funky Town Sas members ability to listen clearly to the L1’s route briefing. Luckily, I grew up on farms in the Northern Cape where it is crystal clear that a camp fence and a game fence are two entirely different things. Under the current climate and the fact that the city boys were so happy to be out and about, let’s just blame it on COVID or say that some lads have wax in their ears and went wandering on this beautiful farm over rocky out crops and through lush vegetated wetlands along camp fences. Back at the firing range all went well for those lads who knew they had zeroed their trusty firearms. Admittedly, and it is on record, that some individuals broke two cardinal rules of Sas. LISTEN to the briefing and ZERO a new firearm before using it. And that is how we live and learn.
    The whole exercise took 1 hour with 3-to-5-minute intervals between sport shooters. What we could consider to make things clearer is have a more detailed sand model or even a simple sketch drawing that includes more information such as physical obstacles, such as camp fences.
    Overall, it is a great L1 route and a challenging new shooting range. Everyone pushed themselves and really did exceptionally well, congratulations to the MPU staff for running the exercise and to all sport shooters for committing to this challenge.

    L1 results MPU 20.02.2021
    Bush Boy 15-22 Scope 35min 15/20 75%
    Rutger Bolt .243 Scope 40min 13/13 100%
    Honey Badger FN FAL Open 30min 14/18 77%
    Camo PARA FAL Open 40min 8/34
    Killroy AR15 Scope 33min 25/30 83%

    EDC L1
    The next course of fire (COF) was running the 30round 3m EDC L1 dot torture exercise. It has been agreed that the minimum required to pass L1 is 15/30.
    The aim of this COF is to establish a basic fundamental grounding of ones EDC abilities from which each sport shooter can base one’s skill level and from this to continually improve by learning and growing by repeating this COF over and over again. It was tested on the MPU Sassers and it is clear from the results and feedback from the sport shooters that lessons were learned and only positive teachings were taken away from this EDC L1 exercise. This is what sport adventure shooting is all about. Thank you everyone who helped inspire, develop and test the Sas EDC L1 COF.
    EDC L1 results MPU 20 February 2021
    FA Sights 1st round 2nd round
    Q 9mm DOT 25/30 24/30
    BB 9mm OS 15/30 20/30
    Lone Ranger .22 semi auto OS 26/30
    Lone Ranger 9mm OS 24/30
    Camo 9mm DOT 26/30 27/30
    Vrystaat 9mm OS ten/30 17/30
    Rutger 9mm OS six/30 ten/30
    Killroy 9mm OS 18/30 20/30
    HB 9mm OS 22/30
    Bosluis 9mm OS 15/30
    Shotgun 9mm OS eight/30 twelve/30

    Next Camo took a moment to share the recent event that took place and indicated how some specific training that has been done at a Sports Adventure Shooting training day stuck with him and how great full and thank full he is for training like this. Thank you, Camo, for sharing this testimony and for your honest openness. Many of us can take away allot from what you have to say.

    Then we moved onto the next COF the; combatives. This was a first-time activity for the majority. At first from everyone’s body language it seemed as if the bodies were not quiet so sure about this exercise. But after the first scuffle, demonstrated by Camo, Bush Boy and myself the body language of all the bodies changed. It was like being back in high school on a Saturday morning. That awkward moment we run out onto the field and then have to wait for the umpires to get sorted and for him to set his watch, find his whistle, pull his socks up, one would stare across the field to your opposite number and size up the other players, then all of a sudden, the ball was in the air and after that first tackle the grins were on all players faces as it was now game on. From the 30 second feedback it was clear how this exercise can add value and build confidence. Grobbie has some serious competition, who is know to have a trusty stallion called Silver, we never did see Silver on this weekend.
    All sport shooters safety was exceptionally good. Everyone was focused and committed to the training and did great under the challenging conditions as it was now already 12:30.

    After a short lunch break Killroy ran a retreating style COF. The scenario was you were in a camp site and all of a sudden it has been infiltrated and your only option is to get out. Throughout the OF the distances range from 15m up to 220m or so. The challenge is to judge distance as you retreat. At each firing position the RO shouts a colour and you are allowed two shots only on that colour steel target. At each firing position you are allowed to move around and fire from any position except from the starting campfire chair firing position which you have to engage targets with your hand gun at what I recall around 15m. Then there were two other firing positions and several targets ranging between, 90m up to 220m. Oh and the steel targets were honestly 150mx150m or smaller diamond shaped gongs. This was a very fun and extremely challenging sport shooting COF. All sport shooters loved the challenge. Killroy cannot find the scores; hope fully he finds it on his clip board at their next MPU shoot. Rutger got the highest hits with a .243 bolt rifle and a scope, he really knows his .243. I came in second with my Galil and ACOG setup. It was really challenging shooting at a diamond shaped gong. I would say having a diamond shape target honestly tests one’s precision shooting skills. Well done Killroy a very good challenge with a significantly high standard. One thing we all took away was that it takes up significant time being an individual COF drill. What ended up happening was the RO and sports shooters realised this could be shot as a group but still scored individually and could thus allow for more shooting time and less idle time for all sport shooters.
    After that it was time to start the fire and prep the potjie. It was just after 15:00. Everyone got their sleeping sites sorted and gathered around the fire place to chat and tell stories. With an hour for the potjie to go myself and Lone Ranger went back to the range to test out a WARRIOR silencer just recently fitted to a take down 10-22. 100 rounds later and very satisfied with the performance out to 100m, it was now time to fill several very hungry bellies with an African style potjie of the Norwegian national dish called, Farikal. Farikal literally means Lamb Cabbage (in black pepper with boiled peeled potatoes, and lots of butter and parsley) that’s it. There was 4kg Lamb, one big cabbage, whole black peppers, salt in one #3 potjie and 8kg of peeled whole potatoes in another #3 potjie. By 18:30 there were only 4 potatoes left and some lamb cabbage broth. Well done yet again manne, mission accomplished. There were lots of hunting and bush veld stories told that evening and it was truly bliss to sleep out under the stars in God’s country.
    Next morning, we all got up had lots of coffee pots going and everyone helped contribute to disassemble camp. We were then invited to the farmers house for coffee and biscuit.

    This was a fitting way to end the weekend, meeting a humble hard-working farmer and his wife. It felt reassuring that life is going on out there, that farmers are still busy, the maze all 3m tall the bales of hay all over the fields. Especially looking back over the past year. As Camo and I drove back in convoy we both chatted away merely to each other via radio, we both agreed how good it felt to be out in the platteland and to see life carrying on with all these lock downs, travel restrictions and curfew periods. It was good for the soul to reassure ourselves. That it is all good out there.

    Finally, MPU members have grown since last time we met back in 2016 and to see they get out and about once a month. Keep it up lads. Then on behalf of all us GP Sassers, thank Killroy, Bosluis, Vrystaat, Shotgun and Lone Ranger for an excellent weekend shoot and camping experience. Enjoy your precious range and I will pray the farmer lives for many years to come so that we get to see you all again at Driefontein.
    God Bless you all till next time.
    HB out.

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    Default Re: Sports Adventure Shooting MPU outing 20.02.2021

    LISTEN to the briefing and ZERO a new firearm before using it
    That actually quite a good suggestion ;-)

    Was a great outing thanks again to thanks to Sas MPU.

    Thanks HoneyBadger for the write up. Brings back some nice memories.
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    Default Re: Sports Adventure Shooting MPU outing 20.02.2021

    I actually di the L1 with my LM6 iron sights and the rest was with the 15 -22

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    Default Re: Sports Adventure Shooting MPU outing 20.02.2021

    Nice AAR Honeybadger, looks like fun
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    Default Re: Sports Adventure Shooting MPU outing 20.02.2021

    Great write up. Seems to be practical and fun. Love the part on the targets “honestly were 150mx150m”cost per year to join and how do one go about doing so? Thanks

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