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    Default A few Futurama deals!

    Good Day All

    As you all know we are running a sale on all things to do with air rifles!

    Attached are a couple of the good deals covering those who are beginners to the slightly more advanced enthusiast!

    Lots more to offer in our sale category, go check it out right here!

    We also have a WhatsApp group dedicated to Air rifles, if you would like to join let me know in the comments

    Have a great Wednesday all!

    Beeman Marksman Big Bear Air Rifle - 4.5mm.jpgCometa Orion Air Rifle - 4.5mm.jpg

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    Default Re: A few Futurama deals!

    Good Day All!

    We have a great deal to show you for our Futurama sale.

    The Gamo CFR Royal Whisper Air Rifle 4.5mm - SAVE OVER R1000!!!!

    Gamo CFR Royal Whisper Air Rifle - 4.5mm.jpg

    Lots more to offer within our sale right here.

    Contact us via email - or call 021 851 3284 to speak to our air rifle specialist today!

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