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    Hope all are well

    We are looking to install a few game bird feeders on the farm. Problem is we have a lot of baboon and vervet monkeys who will gladly keep the feeders empty.

    Anyone with ideas or pics of a baboon proof feeder that works

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    You have two challenges here, the first (as you know) is keeping them out of the feeders, the second is that they are going to be sitting around that feeder at exactly the time it starts doling out the food.

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    I bought a couple of analog timer feeders from the US, made a pully system with a boat winch and some cable and a plastic 210 l drum. It is smooth, so the baboons were unable to get to the bottom, where the unit is attached, ever.

    Tstone is correct though, all game quickly learn the schedule. A way around is maybe to look at the scheduling options available on the digital versions.

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    Apologies I had totally forgotten about this thread.

    I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a book possibly through Zimbi if I remember correctly. 'The AGRED Guide to GAMEBIRD MANAGEMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA'. Some interesting info on wingshooting and gamebird management.

    As @Tstone pointed out, wildlife learn quickly and you'll soon have all kinds of critters vreeting the mielies

    The book suggests that using game bird feeders in S.A is not really cost effective. Apparently in parts of Europe birds are raised intensively in captivity and eventually released to be hunted. Hunters also pay a premium for game bird shooting. Thus feeding them pays

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    Apologies for commenting on this thread almost two years after it was started. Try and get a copy of The Sport of Shooting in Southern Africa by Aubrey Wynne-Jones. It has a number of suggestions regarding feedings, food and improving habitat that might prove useful.

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