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Thread: BWB Back Straps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methos View Post
    You can probably also make carpaccio - when the meat is still a bit frozen slice really thin - half a millimeter.

    Lay out in a plate, cover with some good olive oil, some lemon juice and capers. Black pepper and a bit of salt. Shave some parmesan cheese over it and enjoy!
    A man after my own heart... The first time I ever had meat like that was when I was in Monte Carlo as a teenager. I never forgot it. Once I started hunting 30 years later, that was one of the first things I tried with venison, and it lends itself very easily to this!

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    Hi Guys - Sorry for not responding to my thread , Was a crazy week.

    Ok so I did the marinade in Greek salad dressing thing over night , Was about 3Kg of fillets. Rolled in black pepper and seasoned with salt.

    Braaied over lekke hot coals - Cut into medallions and seared to everyone's preferred rarity. 10 mins later no meat left except for my piece for went to was my face after the intense heat.

    Meat served with brown onion and mushroom gravy - I must say the meat was so tender I could not believe it.. amazing

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