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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodsieEC View Post
    FFP is new to the Strike Eagle 1-8x24 range. Has yet to arrive in the country. Is due towards the end of the month but I would guess that the rain in Durban will delay that by a few weeks - it’s a real mess!
    Condolences to all the Durban peeps - sterkte gents!!! From riots to rain, what a time to live in Durban.

    My limited knowledge says that a FFP scope would be more precise at close range. At low magnifications the reticle would remain in proportion to the target vs the SFP which would dominate the target or even cover the very small targets.
    Is this thinking correct??

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    Thanks for the reply. So I cannot use that excuse for my ss, I must find another excuse or just practice a bit. LoL. My Vortex 1-6 scope is about 5 years old

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    Lol, asked the guys at the "Vortex and Swarovski" booth at Huntex 2022 about the new FFP model and they had no clue what I was asking about.
    Couldn't even answer a simpler question on a current model either.
    Pretty useless booth

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