So that was GREAT. Really awesome place and ill go back for sure.

Did the long route, about 150 KM, saw a bunch of animals but most exited about the 20 odd elephants that we saw, the bush is thick and green so we were blessed with the amount of animals we saw for sure, went in the Gate around 08:30 and left the same gate at around 16:30, 30 Km/Hr is more or less reasonable, next time ill be staying in Hoedspruit for 2 nights, then go through the park down to Hazyview for 2 nights, then through the park down to Malelane for 2 nights, will have more time to explore and not have to drive in the middle of the day, an ill be sure to go in winter.

Funny thing, 3 elephants crossed the road (Voortrekker) while I was on an uphill, then as I moved forward this MASSIVE bull crossed the road and noticed us, I stopped, backed away slowly to give him space but he was curious, very curious and about 50 meters away behind some bush, so we waited, not a car around us, and waited about 15-20 minutes, every time I slowly moved forward he would flap his ears and stand his ground so I chickened out every attempt, about 2 or 3 attempts, I didnt want to piss that thing off, 2 tourists, husband and wife in a rented Nissan Qashqai came along the road behind us and I sowed them the elephants but he must have thought its a zoo and just drove ahead without a single worry, so I thought well fuckit, ill go after them because let them get stomped instead of us, went past the bush were the bull was holding his stance and saw 5 elephants standing not even 4 meters away from the road, adrenaline dump of note, what an amazing place!!