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    Default Going to Namibia with printout

    Wanted to check if anybody has done it. Got a chance to go to namibia and hunt. I have the print out for my 375, but no card yet. Has anyone managed to cross the border with just the printout ?

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    Default Re: Going to Namibia with printout

    Not sure about the printout, but you also need a temporary export permit from the SAPS. The form is Form 520 and not sure how long it takes for SAPS to process it

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    Default Re: Going to Namibia with printout

    It can be done, but a lot will depend on the willingness and helpfulness of your DFO.

    I was able to go hunt in Namibia, before the actual licence was approved, but when I got back to SA, I had to take the rifle back to the dealer. (Due to the expiry dates on the import /export permits.)

    Good luck
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