In my situation, I have decided that a tactical vest could be the way for me.

let me explain what I mean -

Want a tactical vest I can load up with 2 flashlights, 2 knives, 2 magazines, bomb verband, cable ties, cyalume sticks, rope, expanding baton etc

So all is loaded and tested regularly, hanging in a cupboard close to hand.

Then when things go bump in the night, once dressed, and you always keep todays clothes on the chair with socks and stout shoes etc to hand, once dressed all you need do is get firearm and vest and you good to go.

No looking for anything etc etc. Everything is to hand.

BUT - I dont want want a Rambo vest, think low key, discretion etc.

also would be nice to have some sort of stab protection resistance to it. Pistol should be hidden or covered, easy to get to, but not shouting Rambo.

Am I making sense???

Ok, please gooi some advice.

Appreciated. Tjorts.