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    Default Re: Glock slide pitting

    That is strange. Perhaps something else has damaged the coating and that is why you are now seeing what looks like pitting. I agree with what everyone has said. It could be tool marks.

    I have been carrying my G27 for the last 17 years and of that i've been using a trigger guard holster and clip draw for the past 8 years. My g27 is always against my skin and being sweated wet in my cycling jersey and there are no signs of pitting on it. The clip draw shows more signs of wear and tare than my G27.

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    Default Re: Glock slide pitting

    Quote Originally Posted by DDB View Post
    Hi all
    I recently noticed some pitting on my Glock 26 Gen5 slide (photo attached). It is only on the side that contacts my body so its likey from IWB carry with not enough preventative maintenance on my part.

    Any ideas on what steps to take? Will this get worse? Is this minor enough to ignore?

    Many thanks in advice.
    Hi DDB

    Ive had my EDC for 4 years now and noticed pitting on the slide aswell. Took it to my local GS, they inspected it with no issues to report, applied some cold/easy blue and since then monitored it closely. Since then everything looks good!

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