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    Default Thoughts on the leatherman arc?

    Howzit guys

    Wanted to know whats your guys thoughts on the new leatherman arc? Its price is like 230 dollars which is a fair bit more than the charge(excluding the titanium version), wave, surge, free p2 and p4

    The perk is Magnacut blade which is some added value. This also allows for just carrying the arc without needing another knife with a quality blade.

    Anyways summary:

    Is the arc worth double (or slightly more than double) the ZAR? Not even considering getting a used leather for lower than retail which could put the arc 3 times the price.


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    Default Re: Thoughts on the leatherman arc?

    I think the Arc is very nice, but a "nice to have". I can't justify the price over something like a Surge.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the leatherman arc?

    So a leatherman free p4 is about R3800 (free p2 is about R3300)

    The charge tti with an s30v blade is about R5200

    The fact that the arc has a magnacut blade which is one of the best all round steels currently (or at least really hyped as that) and a knife with magnacut alone should be about 2.5 to 3k.

    Id say for 7k, with the free technology and the magnacut steel, most features on the charge and the fact that it can be used one handed, it seems almost reasonably priced (in the context of what you get But still expensive for a multitool though)

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the leatherman arc?

    I have a Charge TTi and almost every other model there is, end up using the Supertool 300 and Wave the hardest.
    I think its about babying the costly ones.
    I actually want bladeless designs as I also always have another knife.

    But if you just want one might as well make it a nice one. I'd be too scared to break it.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the leatherman arc?

    I also have a number of leatherman options but use the squirt ps4 on my keyring most, the 20+ year old surge next and the crunch that lives in my bakkie next after that. The others live quiet lives in the gadget cupboard.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the leatherman arc?

    IF you need a good tool stick to the wave plus or supertool .. marketing will make you fork out thousands for crap that dont matter

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