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    Default Lakeline Firearm Parts Into SA

    Just a mention of the excellent service I’ve been getting from Joe & his team at Lakeline in Huston Texas.

    They are now able to export certain firearm parts into SA, mostly being for Taurus, but you will find quite a few bits & bobs for other brands as well on their website.

    You can import privately or as a dealer, with a simple permit application process they provide through an Easy Export account.

    You can’t get everything they offer, like threaded barrels or slides (although a dealer might be able to), but you’re all good for things like s/steel guide rod & striker assemblies, night fision tritium sights, mags, & other stuff.

    If a machined part fails in any way, they WILL warranty it & ship you a replacement at no shipping cost all the way to SA again.

    My first import a year back was a nightmare as it had to go through the SA Post office customs, which took literally months. After explaining our post office situation to them, they have now figured a way to export using FedEx, which took just a week to get my last order here.

    If you want to take a look, the international sales tab is on top righthand corner of their website.

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    Default Re: Lakeline Firearm Parts Into SA

    i will take a look at them , thanks

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