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something I have learned, speed and big bullets are not fun to shoot, my 458 Lott shoots a 450g and is actually tame for a Lott .
I don’t wish to change the OP mind but the Lott is a great stopper with lots of accessories available, respectfully the issue of powder over heating was with older powders , modern powder has come a long way.
My friend owns a .500NE that he loads for. As it is a double he needs to tinker a bit to get it to regulate well. His go-to load produces velocities of 2050FPS with a 570gr projectile for 5300 Ft/Lbs of muzzle energy or just about the same as a 500gr .458 bullet shot at 2200FPS which is relatively easy to get from the Lott (I know because I own a .458 Lott). I very much doubt either of the above combinations would be considered borderline or inadequate for any animal roaming earth.

I agree with you on speed and big bullets. The "full bore" 500gr loads going 2200FPS in my rifle are pretty intense. I stop at between 4 and 5 rounds from shooting sticks. For range plinking I load 350gr bullets at about the same velocity and the difference in recoil is remarkable.