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    The article in my possession was written by Prof Badenhorst, not by me or a third party. My post was a precis of the much longer article. His article does NOT say that the 458 x 3" Express was intended to duplicate the 458 Lott at lower pressure or at all. It specifically says that it was intended to exceed 458 Lott ballistics because they are not adequate in his opinion. His article further says that the powder of choice to achieve the desired ballistics as well as stable behaviour in hot conditions was S335 not S365. It is precisely to hold the bulkier S335 (because S321 is not suitable) that the case is longer than the Lott case. I have no idea whether S365 was later found to be suitable - Prof Badenhorst did not mention it in his letters to me.

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    Hello Dick,

    I read your answer with great interest and thank you very much for the input.
    From your text I gather you are a gunsmith. True?

    Let me see what comes up, or if you possibly hear about a ready rifle for sale.

    Cheers, BW

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    Hello A-R,

    Thank you very much for your very informative reply.
    I do really appreciate the content and the personal information.

    As mentioned above I am still looking for a rifle; let's wait and see.

    Greetings, BW

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwana wali View Post
    Hello Dick, From your text I gather you are a gunsmith. True? Cheers, BW
    Its a long and complicated story. I was an amateur turned pro. My engineering hobby and my enthusiasm for firearms were a natural mix for working on my own firearms and friends firearms. There was no problem with that before 1998 because it was done on the Section 8 14 day letter (1969 Act). In fact gunsmithing was totally unregulated on the basis of the Section 8. Malcolm Rouchy owner of Allied Arms in Somerset West (now long since closed) asked me to do his work because he was struggling to get it done. It was a baptism of fire because it was mostly a self taught learning curve from pretty much a standing start. It also had a frontier character about it in which I made parts for about a third of the firearms on which I worked. It lasted five years in the late nineties until Section 8 was excised from the 1969 Act to allow SAPS to impose licencing on gunsmiths, so gunsmiths went from totally free to a straitjacket at a stroke. SAPS refused me a licence because they said I didn't qualify despite my already considerable experience. I could probably have forced the issue in court but had zero resources at the time. Meantime, I can name two guys who have gunsmith licences despite never having worked on a customer's firearm. I was bitter at the time but I'm now 80 and not inclined to try to get into it again, besides which my bucket list gets longer as I get older. But I enjoyed it like nothing else in my life. Big sense of accomplishment making all those parts and watching them work.

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    Hello Dick,
    The big banner which wappers over all this shit is called "beaurocratic harrassment" mostly executed by inept individuals. I could fill pages with my thoughts about this subject.

    What counts is, that you had a good time and seemingly good response from a selected group of clients. That is the essence.

    I am only 67, my hunting and guiding days are past and now I still felt the "want" to get a 450 calibre rifle; the need is not there.

    I sincerely thank you for your contribution and input.

    Let me ask a few questions:

    Which .450 would you suggest?
    What are the pros and cons of the various .458 "improvements" on the .458 Win Mag?

    and any other input....

    No rush and good health.

    Cheers BW

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