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    Default Putting it all together...the start of qualifications

    Day #4 on the range for these students was again hot and humid, but not quite as much so as earlier in the week. Today we started putting it all together for daylight revolver qualifications.

    This is the course. To refresh your memory, the course consists of a total of 48 rounds fried on two silhouette targets (Target 1 and target 2 / Left Target and Right Target, etc.) There are a possible 27 hits on T1 and a possible 21 hits on T2. Minimum qualifying score is 39 hits total in the scoring area (remember what they call the guy who graduates last in Med School? 'Doctor')...arm hits do not count. Shooters must fire a qualifying score two times in a row or on three out of six attempts to pass.

    25yd.: Begin loaded at the rear of the 4ft wide firing line and behind the 'cover point' (an ordinary wood 2x4 stuck in the ground). Shooters are expected to reload when empty throughout the course, so it is run as a 'hot' line. When the targets turn, move forward behind 'cover' (at least try and use it in the spirit intended) and...either standing or kneeling...shoot 3rd on T1 and 3rd on T2 in 30 seconds. (Yes...30 seconds...I did not design this course, although I did have input. It was designed by a committee...any other questions?)

    Move to we also use 'cover'. Same start...move forward behind 'cover' and shoot 3 rounds on T1, 3 rounds on T2, RELOAD and again fire 3rd on T1 and 3rd on T2 for a total of 12 rounds fired in...again...30 seconds. Now this is actually pretty challenging with DA revolvers fired by new shooters in DA only. It requires a decent sense of timing, is a fair marksmanship challenge and is actually the key to shooting a decent score on the course IMO.

    Move to 7yd. 18rd total at the 7yd line. Stege ! begins with gun at the 'ready' / 'low ready' etc. (out of the holster) When target turns fire 3rd on T1 in 4 seconds...return to ready then when target turns again fire 3rd on T2 in 4 seconds...Stage 2 begins holstered...draw and fire one round on each target in 3 seconds...repeat twice more...Stage 3 also from the holster. Draw and fire 2rd on T1 only in 3 seconds...repeat twice more.

    Move to the 3yd line...begin at the 'ready'...when target T2 turns, fire 2rd in one second, return to 'ready...repeat twice more. 6rd total.

    Move to the 1yd line...'Close Hip' Position from the holster (below eye level) Draw and fire 2rd on T1 in 4 seconds...repeat twice more for 6rd.

    Any hit that touches a scoring line counts as the higher score (olden days it had to be half a bullet or more but they dumbed it down) 'Skidders' count where they exit and not where they enter (seen usually only on turning targets or from moving shooters).

    Before you pooh-pooh this course, consider that these kids...many of them at least...are looking for jobs, and must pass all qualification tests in Firearms (and all other 'High Liability' instructional blocks or they will be exited from the program and cannot be certified as a Corrections Officer in my state...thus no job in their field. Pretty decent stress when you never picked up a revolver until 4 days ago, and really don't care all that much about shooting in the first place, IMO.

    This morning they got two practice runs each and qualification started this afternoon, with all shooters getting two runs through the course...thus far, half have made it. We start again Monday morning. (I will be with an LE class tomorrow) So...what did they have to 'put all together' today?

    Forward movement / use of cover / recoil control / draw / grip / presentation / trigger control and sight alignment / follow through / unload and reload / safe handling / and follow directions (shooting the wrong number of rounds, or shooting targets out of sequence is a 'fail' and any rounds not gotten off on a string of fire are taken by the range officers after each string unless there is a serious 'alibi') This all under time constraints as well as under the gaze of half their classmates, who act as loaders for their speedloaders and watch them shoot. Several today shot 48 out of 48 but so far no one has put two 'possibles' together in a row. I am most proud, however, of the two females who were scared to death of guns when we started and who shot mid-40-ish scores could see their smiles a mile away!

    A fair question might be just why Corrections Officers...who work in jails and Prisons...are required to qualify in Firearms in order to become 'certified'. Well, these folks are sometimes issued guns...handguns and shotguns guard prisoners, transport prisoners, or for special details such as tower duty in some Prisons. many local jurisdictions may also call them out as Law Enforcement Officers on a temporary basis for use during emergencies, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or floods, etc. would be amazed at the array of firearms they confiscate from visitors or even prisoners brought in by cops who have already 'searched' them. They are not cops, just like most cops are not CO's, but they are part of the 'brotherhood' in most of our eyes, and mostly 'good people' im my opinion. You have never lived until you see an experienced CO do an 'intake' on someone who has been an ass to you during your is more than worth the price of a steak dinner, believe me!

    That is all
    Run Fast, Bite Hard!

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    Default Re: Putting it all together...the start of qualifications

    Dude, You got any books out? You should consider it Ikor - I WILL be the first to buy!
    Love reading your thoughts, insights and both past and present experiences, Thanks as always for sharing :)

    Kind Regards,
    “Practice Peace, Train Chaos!”

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