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    Default Lucky find: EM-GE Model 6

    I don't know if any of you watch a program on Discovery Channel called Auction Hunters? In essence people auction self-storage units that have not been paid for, or are unclaimed. You have no idea what is in these units, and there are always good surprises inside. Interestingly enough, they regularly find firearms.

    Well that felt like me today. I am packing up the house contents I inherited from a deceased relative. I pulled out a small but heavy box from a study drawer, and pulled out a small gun. Once I had finished dancing around the room, I took a closer look. It is actually an old EM-GE Model 6.

    It is not capable of firing live rounds, but is able to shoot two kinds of 'rounds' - 6mm and 7mm cartidges. It holds a 6 shot magazine of 6mm blanks (looks exactly like a .22 blank - can anyone comment on that???), and these can be used to detonate a 7mm shell that can be placed directly in the barrel.

    It is made by a company called Gerstenberger and Co, and dates to second World War. It is German made. The interesting part is what they claim the various uses to be. They say that the 6mm blanks can be used for self defence, thetricals, animal sensitisation and as a starter gun. The 7mm cartridges (triggered by the 6mm blanks) have various options: teargas, dyestuff, smoke (recommended for starters signals), and interestingly they also fire a distress flare. The onw that caught my attention though is an insecticide cartidge - touted for destroying flies and other insects (I imagine similar to a snake shot type concept, just on a much smaller scale).

    I cannot find much about this on the internet. Anyone else have some info or comments on this interesting piece?

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    Default Re: Lucky find: EM-GE Model 6

    Wow! That is extremely interesting - what a lucky find!

    I laughed out loud twice at your post - once when I imagined you dancing around the room (for I would have, too ;o), and then again when I imagined being able to shoot flies in my living room... AWESOME!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Lucky find: EM-GE Model 6

    Would scare the living bejesus out of any visitor if you pull that thing out and start blasting around the room at flies! Bwahahaha!

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    Default Re: Lucky find: EM-GE Model 6

    Good day,
    I am so glad i found this thread.
    I was cleaning up some boxes i have left in storage from my late fathers estate and stumbled upon this gas pistol. With box, cleaning thread, booklet but with an ivory/yellow coloured handle. I am not too worried about keeping it so will be advertising it for sale soon.

    Loved your post and the comment. Very funny!!!
    Be well and blessed 2022 to you all!IMG_3563.jpg

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