I do twice a year the route to Komatipoort Giriyondo along the Kruger National Park into Mozambique. This route is fairly easy to follow but few people know about it. I have space for 10 vehicles to accompany me to the route and at 300km (in Mozambique) to do. Terrain is sandy, rocky roads to mud (peat) Mapulungwene The path to the south may be different routes, only depends on the rains.
I drove from Johannesburg to Giriyondo. I will be the second group of my team with Land Cruisers meet in Mozambique. We drove from there to the south of Masingir we sleep over at a private game farm. The next day we drive all along the border to Sabie on the Komati River. Here we have vehicles full of tar and drive 11km to Corumana and then 18km to a private camp on the lake Corumana. This will be our camp for the next two nights.
We sleep over at Ingwe Safaris and do the next day, a 4x4 trail in the Lebombo Mountains (30 000ha), we see wildlife and get a little practical experience of our vehicles. The last night is again at Ingwe Safaris for the next day we drove to Komatipoort and back to SA.
Prices are as follows.
You only pay for accommodation in the private game farms.
You pay your own fuel
The entire trail is self catering.
The last evening will be a large frying arranged by Ingwe Safaris.
Ingwe Safaris
Double Tents 2 (4 *) at R1200.00 per night per tent
3 Double Tents at R 650.00 per night per tent
Camping site at R300.00 per person per night
Masingir Safaris
Camping site at R300.00 per person per night.
90% of the Safari trail in the forest. 4x4 vehicles equipped for Overland 'routes are preferred. There are no resorts etc in the area, no power, water etc.. This route is in the forest. There is a short way out. If you start you must go through.
I drive the route with a Grand Cherokee Overland. No winch or mods. I have Land Cruisers that case. There are so few areas with swamps where you may well stuck. We tried to drive it. Sand is everywhere in the hot sun can be difficult.
Maximum 10 vehicles (not negotiable)



This is not a 4x4 club not. I ask nothing for the tour, you will pay your stay if you are interested