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Thread: Hunting Photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate View Post
    I've shot 2 BIG bulls and one cow. Last year's bull was old, with worn-down teeth. Regardless, the meat was excellent from all 3 animals.

    Cows are significantly smaller than bulls, R2800 seems like a good price for a cow... I'd be quite interested if not thousands im kms away from the Cape
    Ditto , where that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean KZN View Post
    Interesting. I've only eaten the Brindled/Blue, I find it enjoyable but a lot to get through for 2 people in a year. Eventually the meat grinder comes out and mince is on the menu regularly.
    Last year was 1 bull and 1 cow, and I doubt they're going to last the calendar year, between (monstly) just 2 of us. Having said that, I buy almost zero other red meat. My wife prefers venison to other meat because of essentially zero fat.

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