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Thread: Hunting Photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by knipmes View Post
    Nice young animal Good table fare
    Please give us a bit more details. Rifle, calibre, bullet ?
    Rifle is a Parker Hale in .375 H&H caliber. I loaded a 250gr Sierra Gameking to 2630 fps, a very mild load. The kudu was shot at 70 paces, the bullet broke the near shoulder on entry and exited just behind the off shoulder. Meat damage was fairly bad, the heart was in two pieces. My wife found a few small pieces of lead and some bone chips in the heart while cleaning it for our dogs. Kudu ran ±15 paces before going down.

    I love kudu fillets and back straps braai-ed rare to medium rare, I think that only zebra and gemsbok is better as far as large game is concerned. Many people disagree with me though, I guess it is a case of smaak verskil.

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    Awesome photos TStone, thanks for sharing.

    Nice young bull.
    That sunrise takes first prize though.

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